Busch & Stewart Put On Double Secret Probation

The CHARLOTTE OBSERVER races over news that Kurt Busch and Tony Stewart were each given a 6-race probation over an altercation at Daytona last Friday.

Tony Stewart Kurt Busch collision

NASCAR handed down the ruling on Tuesday, after Kurt & Tony came to blows on the track and reportedly off it.

During a practice race, Stewart hit Busch from behind and sent him into the wall. Busch then returned the favor in pit row by hitting Stewart twice in the side. Both racers then kept cutting each other off as they made their way to the garage.

In a meeting between the two racers afterward, heated words were exchanged, and Stewart supposedly struck Busch again, this time with his fists instead of his car.

Of course, NASCAR didn’t elaborate on what exactly the probation entails. It could be something along the lines of a double secret probation.

But the real question is why Stewart & Busch would get so riled up, especially at a practice session?

Ashley Judd low cut dress at Daytona

Probably just trying to get Ashley Judd’s attention.