Benny The Bull’s Got a Gun; Celtics On The Run

Benny the Bull, 37, was accused of gun violence by Kevin Garnett & James Posey of the Boston Celtics Tuesday at the United Center in Chicago. The Bull, who has a criminal record, allegedly stepped behind Garnett and Posey during a timeout in the fourth quarter and fired his T-shirt gun into the backs of both men.

Benny the Bull

(Benny the Bull considering his next meal)

I felt threatened. They already don’t like me here already,” said Posey. Garnett, a Chicago native, still has affection in the city but felt the need to intervene on both men’s behalf. “We exchanged words,” confirmed Garnett.

Apparently, no Celtic is familiar with the Benny the Bull way: They go up by 20, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the golf course instead of the postseason, you send one of his to the trainer’s table.

For his part, Benny the Bull denied charges after the contest, claiming the accident occurred when one of his T-shirt patrolmen tripped and accidentally fired into the Celtics bench. Chicago police gave no comment after the game, mostly because they were never asked.