Bull Rider Ready To Make Millions While Fighting Viral Meningitis

SICK BULL RIDER TAKING VIRAL MENINGITIS BY THE HORNS: A professional bull rider isn’t going to let a little thing like viral meningitis stop him from competing:

Bull riding rodeo Justin McBride

The LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL grabs the tale of Justin McBride, an 8-year veteran rider who’s already amassed $3 million in rodeo winnings.McBride is getting ready for this week’s bullriding World Finals in Vegas, where another 8-second ride can net him another $2 million for this year alone. He’s getting pumped for the action, while getting pumped full of anitbiotics.

Viral meningitis occurs when a virus infects the fluids surrounding the spinal cord and brain. Although serious, the illness is relatively common, and the body’s immune system can rid itself of the disease in about 10-14 days.

Brain meningitis

Meningitis can be contracted by coming into contact with infected bodily secretions or fecal matter. So, riders like McBride need to be careful when dealing with all the bullsh*t.But it’s not the first time McBride will be hanging on while hurt. He’s ridden with broken ribs, a broken leg, and a punctured lung. He admits, “If you’re gonna do well and make a living, you’re gonna ride with injuries.”

However, McBride says it’s not all about the money: “It’s always been about winning for the sake of winning. That’s always been my greatest motivation. I hate losing more than I like winning.

Bully for him!