Bull Durham Director To Makes Bonds-Balco Film

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports today that celebrated filmmaker Ron Shelton, who made our all-time favorite baseball movie “Bull Durham”, is planning a film on the book “Game of Shadows.”

Barry Bonds Game Of Shadows

The book chronicles Barry Bonds’ dealings with BALCO and baseball’s descent into the steroid era. Shelton is working up a script for the project, which will be aired on HBO.

So how will Shelton portray Bonds and Roger Clemens in the movie?

Shelton: “I’m not out to get Bonds or Clemens or anybody. It’s the history of a culture that tolerated the use of steroids. It’s not really about Bonds and it’s not really about Clemens. It’s more about the uncovering of the details, more like ‘All the President’s Men’, which wasn’t really about [Richard] Nixon specifically.

“‘Game of Shadows’ was really about the recognition and uncovering of this culture of drugs that had existed in baseball and other sports and everybody was lying about. .

Shelton sounds less likely to spare Commissioner Bud Selig and players union head Donald Fehr. He said, the two “are largely responsible for what’s become a train wreck” by ignoring for their purposes and those of their constituents the 800-pound gorilla that probably roamed the room for more than two decades.

Barry Bonds Helmet

It’s going to be a difficult project. Not because of the complexity of the story, but the special effects that will go into increasing the circumference Bonds’ cranium.

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