Buffalo Hoopster Not On All-Academic Team

The BUFFALO NEWS said that the University of Buffalo men’s basketball team suspended leading scorer Andy Robinson for the first three games of the regular season after he admitted to taking out a Facebook ad offering to pay someone to write a paper for him. So I guess we shouldn’t be looking for him on the all-MAC academic team this year?

O.G. Readmore

Although he might not be the strongest writer, let it be known that Robinson understands the value of bargaining. The ad said he would pay between $30 to $40 for a three-page paper on the book “There Are No Children Here” but he was willing to “pay even more money if you have to read the book a little more.” Robinson seems a little unclear on what “reading a book” means - you either have or haven’t read it. Somewhere, O.G. Readmore weeps between bites of Tender Vittles.

Now I’m not going to claim that I was a straight A student in college (especially not after I learned that if you mixed your rum with Moutain Dew, your professors would never suspect you were drinking in class), but even I never hired someone to write a paper for me. I got my C- the old-fashioned way - skimming through the book for a few key points, using exceedingly lengthy verbiage in order to sound more erudite and intellectual than I was, and messing with the margins.

Since he’s sitting out the first three games, maybe Robinson can catch up on some reading he’s apparently been missing. I have one suggestion that feels awfully appropriate for him.

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