Buffalo Bills Bus Home After Plane Gets Stuck In Mud In Cleveland

WHY THE BIG RUSH TO GET BACK TO BUFFALO ANYHOW?: WTAM-AM in Cleveland reports on the lost weekend for the Buffalo Bills. First the Bills were eliminated from playoff contention with an 8-0 loss to Cleveland in a blizzard.

Buffalo Bills Plane Stuck In The Mud

After the game, because of the snow, their flight home to Buffalo was canceled. Then Monday morning, their chartered plane could not take off because it got stuck in the mud at Hopkins International.Airport Director Fred Szabo indicated “the Delta pilot was making his way from a runway to a taxiway when the pilot took a turn too wide. That put a wheel and nose of the plane into the mud. The wheels sunk about a foot into the soft ground.

Time to Go Greyhound!

Why the big rush to get back to Buffalo anyway? Oh, we forgot, they were in Cleveland. And we suppose it could be worse, they could’ve been returning to Detroit.