This Bud’s For You: Selig Extended Through 2012

THE SCORES REPORT tosses us the happy news that Bud Selig will be steering the MLB ship for another five years.

Bud Selig

Although no details of the new deal have been announced, Bud reportedly brought in $14 million in home pay last season. Since taking over as acting commissioner in 1992, Selig has overseen many monumental moments during his reign - the 1994 players’ strike & World Series cancellation, threats of franchise contraction (i.e the Minnesota Twins), and the pumped-up release of the Mitchell Report.

But people are still coming out to the park - 79 million of them went through the turnstiles last year. And revenues have risen to $6 billion - mostly from the Yankees’ luxury tax.

Congrats, Bud! Maybe you can use some of that $14 mil on some Polident.