Bud Adams Issues Apology For Obscene Gesture

Jim Wyatt of the NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN brings us Bud Adams’ official, obligatory apology for his obscene gestures during the Titans-Bills game in Nashville yesterday.

Tennessee Titans Owner Bud Adams Flipping The Bird In Buffalo 11/15/09 SPORTSbyBROOKS.com

“I need to apologize for my actions yesterday near the end of the game. I got caught up in the excitement of a great day, but I do realize that those types of things shouldn’t happen. I need to specifically apologize to the Bills, their fans, our fans and the NFL. I obviously have a great deal of respect for Ralph Wilson and the history we have shared. I also understand there will probably be league discipline for my actions and I will accept those.”

The NFL should …

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I have one edit for Bud on his statement, he can delete “probably.”

But he should “probably” think about losing the booze in his luxury box.