Bud Adams Fined $250,000 For Double Bird Salute

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports this afternoon that Bud Adams was fined an astounding $250,000 for his double bird flip at the Buffalo Bills yesterday. (No word on the Dewars being padlocked next Sunday.)

Titans Owner Bud Adams Flips The Bird To Buffalo Bills At LP Stadium In Nashville

(How to turn two digits into six in less than 24 hours without Wall Street)

Goodell actually attended the same game with Adams, which had people wondering if the commissioner saw the owner’s gestures.

Though he was in Adams’ suite for a portion of the game, you won’t be surprised to find out that he didn’t.

Goodell was at the game, after having breakfast with Adams. The league said that Goodell left Adams’ suite at the end of the third quarter and spent the fourth quarter sitting with fans in the end zone before leaving the stadium.

Ironic when you consider the commissioner probably experienced infinitely less boorish behavior in the stands at the game than he did inside the owner’s suite.

Also, it is interesting to note the reaction of Titans fans to Adams’ actions. 95% of what I’ve read and heard has been negative, which I attribute more to the 91-year-old Adams being an old carpetbagger inept at public relations than anything.

If he still owned the Oilers in Houston, I think the reax would be much different.