Bucs Safety Tasered Twice During Nightclub Fight

And now, a weekend word from Donte Nicholson - Don’t Tase Me, Bro!

Donte Nicholson Buccaneers don't tase me bro

Unfortunately for the Buccaneers safety, he got zapped twice during a scuffle with police outside a Tampa Bay-area nightclub Sunday morning. The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports that Nicholson got into trouble when his friend tried to re-enter the Venue club.

Donte’s pal Torrey Robinson reportedly tried to go back inside the Venue, which was against club policy. Two off-duty deputies working as security guards stopped Torrey from re-entry, and that’s when the fun began:

Robinson claimed he was a Buccaneers player and flashed an expensive watch which struck one of the security guards in the face.

Sheriff’s deputies investigating the altercation had to deploy their Taser to subdue Robinson. While he was being handcuffed, another disturbance broke out involving Nicholson, who was told by deputies to roll on his stomach.

According to sheriff’s reports, when Nicholson tried to get up, he was tasered with no effect. As Nicholson was trying to pull the probe of the Taser from his chest, he was tasered again and subdued.

Wow, it took two taserings to bring Donte down. Carl Eller would be proud.

Nicholson was charged with misdemeanor battery & resisting arrest without violence. For his brush with the law, Donte got to spend three hours in the Pinellas County Jail before posting $300 bail.

He should have some fun stories to tell his Tampa Bay teammates, when the Bucs meet up for training camp this Friday at the Celebration Hotel. Maybe Donte will celebrate his release from the slammer.

Meanwhile, we’re celebrating the fact we went through this whole arresting post without resorting to some lame Bengals joke.

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