Bucks Fans are Bagging Season; Media Follows

The Milwaukee Bucks have only managed three winning seasons since the ‘90-’91 season. This season’s 23-43 record looks an awful lot like last year’s 28-54 record despite Larry Krystkowiak taking over. Next season will look an awful lot like this season, barring major changes; the entire team is locked up through next year.

Milwaukee Bucks fan protest

(Giving it to the man (lower left, blue blazer, annoyed look))

Therefore, if you ran one of the major media outlets in the Milwaukee market, wouldn’t you find a curiously well-organized protest that descended upon owner Senator Herb Kohl with paper bags over their heads to give him a round of sarcastic golf claps worthy of some notice? At least a curiosity of some sort?

Of course not.

The protest, organized by members of the RealGM forums, elicited exactly zero local response. According to members of the forum, no local news broadcasts spoke of the protest. The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL failed to mention it, too, despite having a perfunctory blog that could handle such petty matters as fan opinion.

The only evidence that a protest existed in any traditional media source is the AP picture at the top of the article, punctuated by Sen. Kohl’s perturbed look and the first successful act by anyone wearing a Ruben Patterson jersey.

Online media sources have discussed the event, especially ESPN’s Bill Simmons. Still, his interest may be associated with his current schtick to futilely lobby for the GM position in Milwaukee.

While having a dozen or so people in masks swoop down on a 73-year-old senator may be a bit disconcerting, the fans’ heartache and feelings of desperation are entirely understandable. Here’s hoping the local media finds a way to relate to fan pain by next season; there will be plenty more chances to show it, unfortunately.