Buck, McCarver Got US Marshal Rides for World Series?

The Justice Department has been checking into reports that US marshals got into Fenway Park during the World Series last October using their badges, hung with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver in the booth, and then escorted them back to their hotel in their government cars, possibly with lights flashing.

Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, Tommy Lee Jones

(Give it up, boys; it’s time to start driving!)

While it may seem odd that this topic comes up six months after the World Series ended, please understand that anyone seeing US marshals next to Buck and McCarver may have simply assumed that the two Fox broadcasters were finally being arrested for their crimes against baseball-loving humanity.

All of this came about because one of the part-timers for Fox also happens to be an attorney for the US Marshals Service and an occasional statistics crew member of the Washington Redskins. (The term we’re looking for here is “jock sniffer”.) He called in one of his connections and got the lads and lasses normally charged with witness protection and tracking fugitives to pitch in.

We’re pleased to see the Justice Department investigating the matter and forcing the Fox announcing team to rely on the normal mode of transportation for important sports figures in Boston: the Boston Police Department. Right, Doug Mirabelli?

This will allow the US Marshals Service return to searching for this man:

Jim Abbott