Bruno Pranks Rose And Pete Doesn’t Let Us Down

Chris Littman of THE SPORTING BLOG has this DVD-only Sacha Cohen Bruno bit that involves Pete Rose.

Pete Rose Pranked By Bruno

The piece is an interview with Rose, but because the furniture for the setting didn’t arrive in time, Rose has to “sit on the Mexicans.

More on the bit and video (NSFW) after the jump.

As Rose is conducting the interview, he notices the guy beneath him is laboring. So he dutifully observes to Cohen that, “it’s very uncomfortable for this guy.

But instead of dismissing the entire despicable display, Rose implores Cohen to, “get another guy over here” that he can sit on. Beautiful.

Then, after the delightful sushi rollout, Rose (unintentionally) deadpans, “The only problem is its all got hair with it. I don’t eat hair.

Thank you Pete for so not letting us down. Command performance.