Bruce Smith Still Likes His Booze, Gets 3rd DUI

Note to athletes in Virginia: Do not drink and drive for six consecutive years. If you do, you’ll get caught at least once. Just take Bruce Smith: After getting nailed in both 1997 and 2003, Smith was caught behind his wheel drunk as a skunk again on Thursday in Virginia Beach.

bruce smith mug shot

(We got the strong Smith mug shot from the boys over at TBL)

Not only was Smith driving under the influence, he was speeding like a bandit, too. There’s no way that he’ll get out of the speeding ticket, and his refusal to take a breathalyzer or a DUI test means that he’s tacitly admitting guilt to DUI, unless his attorney has a really good card up his sleeve.

Of course, his attorney has had a really good card up his sleeve twice in Smith’s past. In 1997 the charge of drunk driving against him was dropped, and in 2003 he was found not guilty.

The third time really might be the charm for Virginia Beach police, who have arrested the Hampton Roads resident in all three of his incidents. Sure, you can screw up a questionable interpretation of a drunk test (unless you’re trying to arrest Joba Chamberlain), but you can’t screw up a guy’s refusal to take a breathylzer or DUI test.

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