Bruce Pearl’s Ex-Wife Is Taking The Divorce Well

If you’re ever in the Knoxville area, I hear there’s this great new place to get a haircut. I know, recommending beauty salons is not something we’re normally into here on SbB, but this salon is something special. It’s likely to be the only one you’ve ever been to that’s been funded by Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl.

Bruce Pearl's ex-wife salon

Some divorces are done quietly. Some exes even stay good friends. That’s not how Kim Shrigley rolls. She’s taken the cash from her recent split with Pearl and opened a hair and nail salon called “Alimony’s.” And it’s right there in Knoxville. Doesn’t look like this is one of those “we just drifted apart” divorces.

Maybe this is why Bruce’s name is being linked to the Wizards’ coaching vacancy.

THE MARCH TO MADNESS points us to a story in the KNOXVILLE NEWS that’s basically just a glorified advertisement for the salon.

Shrigley is a nurse by trade, but decided that opening the salon would allow here some flexibility to take care of her kids. And, of course, it’s an opportunity to remind Pearl on a daily basis what a dog he is, based on this quote:

The business’s name, Alimony’s, is written on the store front with green cursive and a red heart on top of the “i.”

“The heart up there is to be that extra pain in the ass,” she said with a laugh.

The report also says that clients receiving alimony get a 15% discount.

But what could Bruce have possibly done wrong to earn such wrath? Oh, maybe this has something to do with it:

Bruce Pearl Hotties

Or this:

Bruce Pearl laying with some ladies

Or this:

Bruce Pearl Erin Andrews screenshot

Or maybe Bruce has decided that this recently divorced Knoxville cheerleader is the new love of his life:

Pat Summitt