A Video Pearl: “We’re Gonna Kick Memphis’s Ass!”

Charles Rich of AOL FANHOUSE volunteers to put up video of Bruce Pearl firing up the Tennessee faithful before last Saturday’s match with Memphis:

(They’re not saying “boo!”, they’re saying “Boo-urns”… er, “Bruuuce!”)

The UT coach spoke in front of a gathering of Rocky Top fans right before the Vols tamed the Tigers to take the #1 spot in the nation.

His speech included the usual “play-hard”, “110-percent” & other cliches of predictable pep talks, but Bruce did toss out a few, ahem, pearls of wisdom:

All I can tell you is that we’re 40 minutes away from being #1!” (Wow, he’s psychic!)

These nights are supposed to be reserved for places like Tobacco Road or Indiana. How about #1 & #2 right here in Memphis, Tennessee!

And our personal favorite:

God willing, we’re gonna kick Memphis’s ass!

Guess the Almighty was willing for at least one evening. Pearl ended his speech by leading the crowd with the Rocky Top chant, “It’s great to be a Tennessee Vol!”

Bruce Pearl Vanderbilt fan

It certainly was on Saturday night. But Tuesday night - not so much.

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