Pearl’s A Pro: Hugs Erin Andrews, Then Texts Her

Via VOL NATION, WBIR-TV in Knoxville checks out the latest issue of SI, and discovers Dan Patrick and Bruce Pearl engaged in a little one-on-one. (An interview, that is, not a pick-up b-ball game - although seeing those two face off on the court would be highly entertaining.)

Erin Andrews Bruce Pearl shirtless

Anyway, Patrick volleys some questions at the Volunteers coach, from his oh-so-brief time at #1, to sneaking in a halftime hug with Erin Andrews:

Patrick then presses Pearl on his handling of ESPN property during UT’s game against Memphis:

Bruce Pearl Erin Andrews screenshot

BP: “Erin is a terrific sideline reporter, she knows the game, but she’s also very engaging. I actually called her and texted her back, and I apologized if in any way that was unprofessional.”

DP: “Is texting her an NCAA violation?”

BP: “No, she’s not a prospect.”

DP: “Oh, yes, she is.”

BP: “She’s way out of my league when it comes to that category.”

DP: “You’re not even a mid-major?”

And Bruce manages to get in one last zinger about possible violations:

Whether you’re a Vols fan or not, you have to enjoy how Pearl can breathe some fresh air into a sometimes stoic sport. Any guy that’s willing to go shirtless & paint himself orange for a ladies game is OK by us.

Bruce Pearl Hotties

And the dude has Erin’s number! We always knew he was a total charmer with the chicks.