Blog-O-Rama: Bruce Pearl Still Lovin’ The Ladies

• THE DIRTY catches Bruce Pearl once again laying out with the ladies.

Bruce Pearl laying with some ladies

We expect nothing less from the man who was able to sneak a halftime hug with Erin Andrews.

• Poetic justice: Spencer Hall of the SPORTING BLOG realizes that Western Kenutcky’s Big Red has inspired ESPN photo caption writers to pen haikus.

• ODENIZED comes across Charles Barkley professing his hatred of NBA referee Mike Mathis. But it’s not like Chuck feels that way about all refs - right, Dick Bavetta?

• WHEN KEGSTANDS GO WRONG picks a winner, as Germany soccer coach Joachim Loew sniffs his pits and noshes on some nose goblins:

• TIRICO SUAVE jiggles their joystick, as they can’t wait to start playing “WNBA Live ‘08“.

• BRAHSOME is in the money, as a Clemson football recruit is caught flashing some big bills. Maybe he could lend some of that dough to potential classmate Ray Ray McElrathbey.

• How bad is the Bucks’ season? Not only are they the only NBA team to lose to the horrendous Heat twice, but BREW HOOP lays up video of Andrew Bogut having to high-five himself.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING notes how John Mayer would work in the broadcast booth, as the musician calls an at-bat during the Red Sox-A’s series.

• The DETROIT FREE PRESS reports that a Michigan football defector could land at rival Ohio State.