Bruce Pearl Set To Ring Out Wedding Bells Again

Bruce Pearl has Volunteered his heart for marriage once again, as the UT coach announces his engagement to the quite tasty Brandy Miller.

Bruce Pearl Brandy Miller

Jessica Simpson gets so worried when Tony Romo is on the field that she texts everyone to pray for his protection.

• Sorry, folks, tonight’s Yankees game has been called on account of rain. Oh, it hasn’t? Well, too bad - you’re still not getting back in.

• The Green Bay Packers warned us about this sinister swine flu epidemic - over 30 years ago!

Regis Philblin is almost murdered by a menacing throw from the Marlins’ Hanley Ramirez.

• This Caps-Pens series is giving folks a reason to watch the NHL playoffs.

• The Cowboys practice dome that collapsed probably could have used some inspecting from Irving city officials.

• A Steelers fan-slash-gynecologist bids $69 on “The Price Is Right”, makes Drew Carey laugh long & hard - and wins!

Carrie Prejean, Miss California 2009 & recent Michael Phelps pal, has some tantalizing topless skeletons in her closet.

A.J. Feeley (a.k.a. Heather Mitts’ fiance) must feel like a real pro sports star, now that he has his own sexually-charged stalker.