Brrrr! GB-NYG Game 3rd Coldest in NFL History

ON MILWAUKEE feels a slight chill, as Sunday’s Packers-Giants game was the third coldest in NFL history.

Frozen Packers fan

Temperature at game time was 1 degree below zero - and that doesn’t even include the wind chill, which drags down the mercury to around 20 below. Medical staff at Lambeau Field say they treated about a dozen people for frostbite and one unlucky soul for hypothermia.

The only colder games on record were the famous 1967 Ice Bowl between these same Packers and the Cowboys, and a 1992 playoff tilt between San Diego and Cincinnati - back when Hell temporarily froze over because the Bengals were actually good.

Yet such icy conditions didn’t deter some folks at the Frozen Tundra to show some skin.

Like these brave bikini babes:

Lambeau Field Bikini Girls Packers Maxim

And these lumbering Packers & Giants linemen sans long sleeves:

Packers lineman no long sleeves

Stuck in such frigid conditions could be grounds for an annulment - or a chance at a men’s mag photo shoot.