QB Anderson Injury Brings Out Browns Boobirds

It’s a long-standing tradition that whenever a player goes down with an injury, no matter which uniform he wears, when they leave the field the crowd shall rise up as one and offer their support in the form of a hearty cheer. Apparently, the classy fans in Cleveland must have skipped that fan etiquette class. After their own starting quarterback Derek Anderson was being carried off the field, they went boo-crazy.

Derek Anderson

(They’re not saying “Boo”, they’re saying “You Suck”)

While being carried off with a damaged knee ligament, Anderson reported hearing boos coming from the crowd. “They were cheering the fact that I was hurt. They don’t like me. That’s well known.”


The cheering was not lost on his teammates, who were upset by it. One said it was his lowest point in Cleveland Browns Stadium.

“We care about each other and that was very disappointing,” said receiver Josh Cribbs, who could serve as the No. 2 quarterback behind Ken Dorsey next week in Tennessee. “We love our fans, but that just wasn’t needed. Hopefully Derek isn’t hurt too bad and he’ll get back and they can cheer for him the next game.”

Luckily for Anderson, he’s probably played his last game in front of the Browns “fans”.

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