Browns Put Up Bio Of Player Not Even Drafted Yet

Usually NFL teams like to keep their draft plans a well-guarded secret. But the Cleveland Browns aren’t like most NFL teams. When the new coach isn’t asking to move the team’s video room up one floor for $500,000, the webmasters of the team’s official site are adding players to the roster they haven’t even acquired yet.

Jeremy Maclin Cleveland Browns

WAITING FOR NEX YEAR shares with us a simple screenshot taken from CLEVELANDBROWNS.COM featuring the bio page of Jeremy Maclin. One slight problem - the receiver just came out of college, and the NFL Draft is still a month and a half away.

Maclin is a highly touted prospect out of Missouri, and could be a welcome addition to the Browns’ lethargic offense. But now that he knows the Browns want him, Jeremy could be ready to barter for a higher salary. Or it could be a warning to try and broker a deal with some other NFL squad.

Either way, check it out for yourself - the link is still up (for now).