Browns Find Winning Won’t Cure All (Like Staph)

Joe Jurevicius joined the legions of Clevelend Browns players hooked up to antibiotics IVs and undergoing follow-up surgeries due to a staph infection. The CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER notes this makes six known Browns players in four years to contract this nasty infection.

Giant microbes

(Oh, sure… they look cute now…)

Jurevicius showed symptoms of the infection two weeks after surgery in January, apparently meaning he could have contracted it anywhere. Thankfully, he will heal nicely unlike LeCharles Bentley, who almost died.

Cleveland doesn’t need any help projecting an image as a nasty, filthy, dirty, and uncouth city. The Browns organization certainly doesn’t need any bad publicity after a fortunate (ahem) 10-6 campaign last season finally gave them some credibility with free agents and NFL fans.

If players believe their next booboo could lead to death or dismemberment, they’ll have yet another reason to head to warmer and more tax-free climes. The Browns organization has to quash this and fast.

So here’s the plan, Cleveland: tell everyone that Joe got too close to Keith Richards at the Rock’n'Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony this year. Trust me: they’ll buy it.

Keith Richards

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