Browns Announce Holmgren Has Joined The Team

The Cleveland Browns announced this afternoon that Mike Holmgren has joined the franchise as team president.

Eric Mangini

Let the speculation begin on Eric Mangini’s job status.

Mangini to the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER upon Holmgren’s hire:

“I’m coaching this team and that’s what I’m focused on: coaching this team this week and the week after and this past week. That’s what I’ve asked of our coaches and players and anything else externally or any other elements to that — they are what they are.”

But is he looking for some clarity on his future?

“What I’m looking to do is coach the team,” he said. “That’s it.”

Sounds like he’s got the good soldier thing going already. Survival mode.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said today that he didn’t think it was a given that Holmgren would fire Mangini immediately.

True enough. It’s also not a given that Mangini won’t lose another game as coach of the Browns.

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