Brother Of OSU’s Rolle Doesn’t Take Losses Well

If you were lucky enough to score tickets to the big USC-Ohio State tussle in Columbus, kudos. Some interested parties, however, decided to watch the game from the comfort of their local Indian casino. William Rolle, (below, left) the older brother of  Buckeyes linebacker Brian Rolle, was one of those.

William Rolle, Brian Rolle

One might say that William did not take the result in stride. A few hours following the Trojans’ 18-15 win, Rolle went on a bit of a rampage, resulting in the requisite tasering and kicking of interior police car windows.

Very damaging to the reputations of both Immokalee High School, where both brothers were standout football players, and Florida Indian casinos in general:

William Rolle, 27, of 1806 Leed Ave, Immokalee, was one of seven men accused of participating in a fight at the casino’s bar and jailed.

When Collier deputies arrived at the casino, they found broken glass from beer bottles on the floor and witnessed two men bleeding. The deputies also found two other men, one of them later identified as Rolle, acting belligerent while being restrained by security guards, according to the arrest report.

In case you’re wondering what type of people hang out at Indian casinos and get into beer bottle-throwing brawls over college football, here are some of the others arrested with Rolle that night:

(One of these does not belong. Yes, you guessed him … it’s the guy at the top right)

But back to our show:

Deputies said they warned Rolle that if he didn’t stop he would be arrested at which time he continued to be belligerent, according to the arrest report. Rolle then resisted the deputy’s attempt to handcuff him, resulting in the deputy Tasering Rolle in the chest, according to the arrest report.

Once in the patrol car, Rolle kicked at the rear driver’s side door and banged his head on the Plexiglas partition of the patrol car, the deputy reported. After warning Rolle that he’d be Tasered again if he didn’t stop, the deputy said he observed the inside of the door panel broken and spit running down the inside of the door.