Brooke Hundley Now Officially Gone From ESPN

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that less than 24 hours after Steve Phillips was fired by ESPN, the network has announced that Brooke Hundley has also no longer works at ESPN.

Brooke Hundley No Longer Works At ESPN

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Spokesman Mike Soltys said Monday that Brooke Hundley doesn’t work at ESPN anymore. He declined to say whether she quit or was fired. Hundley did not immediately return a phone message Monday.

Meanwhile, Phillips has entered an inpatient rehab facility.

I think it’s clear that once details of Hundley’s stalker-like behavior came to light, she couldn’t stay at ESPN. Safe to assume she was encouraged to quit, though I wouldn’t blame ESPN for firing her at this point.

A sportswriter said to me yesterday that Hundley, if fired, could sue ESPN for “fostering” the environment that led to her behavior.

I suppose that’s possible if she hadn’t gone nuts with the other stuff. But as it stands now, there was no choice for her to leave the premises. And she doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to her termination, if that’s what indeed happened.