Brooding Tiger Still All Over Tag Heuer’s Website

You may have heard the media trumpeting earlier this week that Tag Heuer has officially dropped Tiger Woods as a celebrity endorser of the watch company. But if you actually read the comments in the announcement from the company about its relationship with Woods, you would’ve noticed that the watch maker had no intention of dropping Woods completely.

Tiger Woods Tag Heuer Website Pages

And if Tag Heuer’s official website is any indication, the company is still fully committed to its business relationship with Woods going forward.

Tiger Woods Tag Heuer Website Video

Woods’ image can be found all over Tag Heuer’s site, including an unintentionally amusing video of a photoshoot the golfer did for the company.

Tiger Woods Tag Heuer Website Pages

Tag Heuer did confirm last week that it is dropping Woods in its U.S. marketing campaigns, but obviously company officers feel that the golfer can still move product around the world.

Tiger Woods Tag Heuer Website Pages

Well before the Tag Heuer announcement that caused the media uproar last week, I posted here about Tag Heuer scaling back its association with Woods in Australia. As part of that report, which came out of Perth, a particular watch dealer who was forced to remove Woods-related advertisements in his store said that the golfer’s watches were still selling well and that he was disappointed by Tag Heuer’s decision.

Tag Heuer Drops Tiger Woods Advertising In Australia

When analyzing Tag Heuer’s overall marketing approach, consider the different cultures around the world where Tag Heuer sells its product. In the Middle East, where a male’s acceptable marital conduct is viewed differently as it is in the U.S., Tag Heuer might not have reservation about a connection to Woods. I imagine there are other regions of the world where that also applies.

Reminds me of movies that flop here in the U.S., but make a mint overseas because of the cultural differences of the audiences.

If only Tiger had taken up residency in Riyadh, he’d probably be a national hero locally and largely avoided the vilification he’s received stateside.

And no, I’m not kidding.