Blog-O-Rama: Arroyo Has Baseball On His Mind

• POPO IN MY CRIB can see that despite suffering through another rotten Reds season, Bronson Arroyo still has baseball on his mind.

Bronson Arroyo Reds baseball on mind

Mark Cuban tried to explain Josh Howard’s Star-Spangled Slam over on his blog, but the Mavs owner didn’t realize what a firestorm he unleashed.

• Stephanie Stradley of AOL FANHOUSE wonders if the Texans can do for Hurricane Ike victims what the Saints did for Katrina victims.

• UNI WATCH looks back on the career of sports illustrator Lon Keller, the guy who created the Yankees’ famous hat logo.

• Meanwhile, DEADSPIN shares some of their readers’ memorable memories of Yankee Stadium.

• UNCOACHED finds out whatever happened to Stephen Furst, the guy you know & love as Flounder from “Animal House”.

• PLAYING THE FIELD cooks up some more football foodie fun, as they serve up parmesan crisps, blue cheese potatoes, and a little drink they call the Chris Cooley (with possibly NSFW photo).

• Despite an 0-3 start, SEATOWN SPORTS still sees hope for the Washington Huskies.