Broncos Lawyer Tied To Darrent Williams’ Killer?

While fans may boo when a formerly loyal player suits up for another team, everyone recognizes that it’s just business. It’s not life or death. But what is life or death is the murder of Darrent Williams, and a key figure has been playing for both sides.

Darrent Williams

Harvey Steinberg is the official-unofficial Denver Broncos lawyer, having represented their players at every recent opportunity. He’s also defending the man whose SUV was allegedly used in the drive-by shooting of Williams, and who police say is the gang boss of the triggerman.

Hat tip to BLEACHER REPORT for this, which will rub you the wrong way if you’ve got a soul.

It was Steinberg who helped get Brandon Marshall’s suspension reduced, who got drug trafficking charges dropped for Travis Henry, and who repped Todd Sauerbrun and David Kircus at their respective assault trials. He even sent a cease-and-desist letter to YAHOO SPORTS after they intimated that Mike Shanahan spied on opposing teams.

Steinberg is also the attorney for Brian Hicks, the alleged leader of the Elite Eight gang. Prosecutors say that Willie Clark, the man accused of killing Williams, was an assistant and runner for Hicks.

Clark is being prosecuted for the murder of a woman who was set to testify against Hicks in a separate case. Steinberg has the gall to request the charges be dropped since the main witness is now dead.

I understand that Steinberg is doing his job, that as a lawyer his only goal is to get his client off. But this isn’t signing as a free agent with a division rival. This is defending a man closely tied to the murder of Darrent Williams. I wonder how his teammates feel about that?