Broncos And Chargers To Play For “Division Title”

After San Diego rolled the Bucs today, the Broncos needed to beat the Bills at home to avoid a winner-take-all AFC Worst matchup next week at Qualcomm. But they couldn’t even pull that off. The Bills overcame an injury to Marshawn Lynch and the fact that Dick Jauron is their coach and still beat Denver 30-23. I know one guy who’s going to sleep much easier tonight:

Ed Hochuli

You’re off the hook, Ed.

If San Diego wins next week, they will make the playoffs at 8-8, while the Patriots could still go 11-5 and be left out if the Dolphins also win.

Meanwhile, Eagles fans are not having a very good evening right now. Video of that crazy ending after the jump.

Philly’s Reggie Brown was stuffed at the goal line in the waning seconds of the Eagles’ 10-3 loss to the Redskins. Out of timeouts (what, an Andy Reid team out of timeouts?), the Eagles couldn’t get another snap off and the game ended:

At 8-6-1, the Eagles are behind both the Cowboys and Bucs and need to beat Dallas and have Tampa lose at home to the Raiders to make the playoffs. Had Philly won, they just would’ve needed a win over the Cowboys to clinch a spot.

In other playoff news, the Falcons clinched an improbable berth with a win over Minnesota. To think, just a year ago they were going through all of the Mike Vick garbage and the Bobby Petrino disaster. The Vikings are still in the driver’s seat for the NFC North, and just need one win or one Bears loss to clinch the division, as they own all tiebreakers over Chicago.