Brog: Will Chargers’ Chambers’ Sick Vid Go Viral?

Jorge Sedano of Miami’s 790 The Ticket has your catch o’ the day:

Chris Chambers Viral NFL Commercial With Crazy Catches

Chargers wideout Chris Chambers making some sick grabs that may or may not have been digitally enhanced. I actually think not.

Went to the Maddenpalooza thing last night at the Rose Bowl. As I sit here today, I’m still wondering why the event was staged by now-faltering EA Sports. Was the evening designed to be a media event? Was it to move product? Was it to create a lively, fun environment for attendees?

From what I observed, that would be no, no and no.

Brooks Maddenpalooza

(Need to lose some lbs., so I don’t cover up that one guy - see armpit)

I went early evening, and there was less than a thousand people milling around Slick Rick’s spacious abode at that time. Musicial artists Busta Rhymes and Good Charlotte played to about 200 people on one side of the stadium turf, while a tent full of Madden-loaded plasmas sat empty beyond the opposite endzone.

Maddenpalooza NO PHOTOS!

(How to create a fun, fan-friendly environment!)

But of course, as someone who occasionally attends UCLA football games which don’t include a certain Cardinal & Gold opponent, that hollow, placid environment is nothing new for the Rose Bowl. So I felt right at home.

Busta Rhymes Maddenpalooza

(Busta Rhymes is in there …. somewhere)

Here on the westside of Los Angeles, I pass by EA Sports’ gleaming, half-empty HQs all the time. You wonder if last night’s flaccid activities are symptomatic of larger problems inside the company. Based on the sagging pre-sale of the company’s flagship product, perhaps they are.

Maddenpalooza Guerilla Marketing The Blitz

(Guerrilla Marketing at Maddenpalooza?)

More coverage of the event from Mike Tunison at DEADSPIN, who actually had the audacity to *shudder* take a photo of Warren Sapp.

By know you may know that Chicago is making a serious attempt to host the Summer Olympics. Mayor Richard Daley, after recently visiting Beijing, gave Chicagoans a preview of something I’m sure will go over well with those ensnarled daily on the Deegan: “designated Olympic-traffic lanes.”

Chicago Oly bid leader Patrick Ryan: “The designated Olympic-traffic lanes, which ordinary Beijing drivers actually respect and stay out of. A little education program may be needed in Chicago, Ryan acknowledged.

If you took a Chicagoland poll, how many people would want to host The Games? The only reason any city gets in the running is the personal egos of civic *leaders.* They all want some sort of perverted legacy, and the Olympics is the ultimate memorial.

Speaking of needless memorials, the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTON reports that the “UGA Athletics Association’s board of directors voted unanimously last week to double the budget (to $2M) for the garden plaza that will surround a 14-foot bronze statue of Dooley about a mile from Sanford Stadium next to the Bulldogs training facility.

I’d really prefer five different three-foot statues of Herschel Walker instead - one for each personality. Why should Pat-Dye-With-A-Ring get that kind of tribute?

Something called the “Washington Economics Group, Inc.” issued a press release this week finding that Talladega Superspeedway “generates an annual economic impact of $407 million for the region and state. These economic activities create 7,955 jobs for workers throughout the Alabama economy.

And to think I thought I was the only one noticing all those boiled peanut stands popping up on I-20.

The BOSTON HERALD and FOX BUSINESS CHANNEL report on an interesting event sponsored today by Patriots Owner Bob Kraft at Gillette Stadium. The Pats and the Federal Reserve offered mortgage servicers to around 1,000 folks at the ballpark, in an attempt to hold off foreclosures.

Kraft to FBC: “The strength of this country is people owning their own homes. Like we say, no one washes a rented car.

I guess that confirms those Mark Texeira-sightings at various laundry coin-ops across The OC.

Doug Gottlieb and Cade McNown did the PM drive thing on KSPN-AM yesterday and sounded great. As stated before in this space, Gottlieb is one of my favorite sports media guys, and had solid chemistry with McNown (DG’s needling was epic).

Wonder if Bristol is considering Doug for a permanent PM Drive spot on the L.A. outlet? Gottlieb currently hosts ESPN Radio’s “The Pulse” weeknights.

It would make sense, considering Gottlieb’s ties to the area. Not to mention the likely stiff competition he would provide Matt Smith and Petros Papadakis across the street at KLAC-AM.

With USC football beckoning (KSPN has the games), and a soon-move into gorgeous new ESPN Zone studios in the middle of the Times Square-esque L.A. Live downtown development, ESPN Radio in L.A. may once again be poised for a move up in the ratings.

As I look for stuff to post about every day, I’m constantly discovering quality blogs, new and otherwise.

Some of my new favorites include Wisconsin’s SPORTS BUBBLER, Jeffrey Flanagan’s “Over The Top” blog at the K.C. STAR, and the guys at Charlotte’s 850 THE BUZZ blog have one of the best sports radio blogs I’ve seen. If you’ve got a blog you’d like me to check out, contact me here.

We’re seeing a clear shift in priorities from the old media, and it’s creating a bunch of wonderful new content sites out there. I really believe we’re entering a golden age of sports coverage, where the consumer is being serviced like never before. The print guys have finally gone from the flat, one-dimensional approach to dynamic, 3-D output.

Yes, it’s been a painful transition for those under the print umbrella, and a great lesson for me in trying to position what we do at SbB. Needless to say, I think the biz SbB is in going to continue to change rapidly and we’ll have to always be innovating if we’re to stay in the game.

New photo of SbB Girl Cecilia:

SbB Girl Cecilia