Brog: The Best Inspiration The White Sox Can Get

My rule on people who claim they’re from Chicago is that if they say they’re a White Sox fan, you know they are indeed from the Windy City, because who outside the (312) would claim otherwise?

SbB Girl Wendy Huge White Sox Fan

(Didn’t think it possible to look cool in a designer White Sox hat - until now)

SbB Girl Wendy is such a person. She’s a genuine Chicagoan and a huge White Sox fan. As further proof of her city of origin, I’m here to report that she despises the Cubs (and more specifically, their martini-tinkling fans) almost as much as she adores the Chisox.

Well, with the White Sox getting thrown down the stairs by the Northsiders at Wrigley the past 48 hours, I thought it was high time to provide the Southside’s most prominent rap star and his charges a little inspiration, so here’s a brand-new photo of her.