Brog: Timberlake’s Racist Joke Cut From ESPYs?

Arash Markazi of and FAN NATION has the easily the only most interesting thing to come out of the ESPYs, which was taped I think sometime in February - and aired on ESPN for the first time last night. (And subsequently re-broadcast an upchuck-inducing 10,000 times today.).

Justin Timberlake hosting the ESPYs at David Beckham's feet

Markazi notes that host Justin Timberlakewas teasing Paul Pierce about his “injured” knee in Game 1 of the NBA Finals during his opening monologue. In describing how quickly Pierce came back after being taken off on a wheelchair, Timberlake joked that Pierce was quickly back on the court, ’shucking and jiving.’ The comment, which was cut out of the broadcast that aired Sunday night, was met with silence from the crowd when the show taped on Wednesday before Timberlake transitioned into his next joke.

Apparently some of the suits at ESPN thought the joke was too racial in nature to air. If the joke was racist, how did it get by dozens of ESPYs writers? And we also know that if a black, or even latino host had said the same thing, everyone probably would’ve laughed and it would’ve been part of the promo highlight package for the show. I’m not saying it wasn’t racist, just food for thought.

Ozzie Guillen, who played for the White Sox from ‘85-97, on wearing throwback jerseys from ‘83 during yesterday’s Chisox affair with the Royals: “This is the first time I’ve worn this uniform that I wasn’t hung over.”

(New photo of brand-new SbB Girl Allie after the jump)

Great photo posted on BARSTOOL SPORTS today of Steve Nash and Baron Davis:

Steve Nash Baron Davis Bike Ride

Make that Carol Burnett and Baron Davis. (I need to get a better spotter.) Where’s Bill Werndl when you need him?

ABC’s coverage of the British Open left a lot to be desired. The analysts (Tom Watson, Paul Azinger, etc.) fawned over Greg Norman and Ian Poulter ad nauseum the entire final round, while barely acknowledging defending champion Paddy Harrington until the final five holes.

That said, I like Mike Tirico in the tower at 18. Give me Tirico and the rest of NBC’s golf broadcast crew, anchored by Johnny Milller, and you have the best of the best. Dan Hicks and the ABC’s analysts can cover the Bushwood CC Classic.

I know Omaha revels in hosting the College World Series, so I was surprised to find out that all the city’s pharmacies were apparently closed the week Buzz Bissinger attended games.

Jim Cooke Buzz Bissinger Sketch

(From the genius of Jim Cooke - via DEADSPIN)

Anyone who has ever attended numerous high profile sports events absolutely knows that pro cameras - or anything approaching it - are not allowed inside the gates. Much like concerts. And so what if Bissinger got away with it a couple times prior? Rosenblatt security makes the TSA look like Scotland Yard.

And then he puts on that display in front of his children? Dude needs to really monitor his meds closer. One word for Bissinger: Minder.

Bob Raissman of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS gleefully reports on an embarrassing gaffe by WFAN-AM host Joe Benigno when interview hall of fame pitcher Phil Niekro.

Joey B asked Niekro how his “brother Joe” was doing.

“He had an aneurysm about a year and a half ago and died,” Niekro said.

Benigno told Niekro, “I did not know that.” The talkie was embarrassed, but did not try to hide or cover his mistake.

Someone else did.

If you go to WFAN’s Web site, and click on Benigno/Roberts’ interview with Niekro, you won’t hear the exchange concerning Joe Niekro’s death. It was edited out of the interview.

Memo to station manager Marc Chernoff and The Fan’s production crew: this ain’t Tulsa fellas.

Elliot Almond of the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS takes us into what the U. S. Olympic Committee calls the “Team Processing Center” today. That’s the place Olympians partake in an orgy of free swag, which makes this paragraph somewhat predictable:

“Next up is the makeshift photo studio. (swimmer Christina) Jones goes straight to the mirror to apply lipstick. Then she combs her long, straight hair.
“Do you want the hair on any side?’’ she asks.
A photo helper: “We definitely want the Nike logo to show.”

PAGE SIX reports thatA few nights back, he (Joba Chamberlain) was spotted at the 33 Club party, where “He climbed onto Alyssa Milano’s table and starting dancing,” said our witness. “He stayed in the VIP room until 3 a.m.

Mark Mangino Dancing

Sadly, there’s no video of the incident, so we provide this artist’s interpretation instead.

And here’s another photo of new SbB Girl Allie:

SbB Girl Allie