Brog: The Other Golic Loses a Mike Greenberg

For a time I worked at now-defunct KMPC-AM in Los Angeles, which was an all sports outlet in Los Angeles that also served as the USC football and basketball flagship. Former Cleveland Brown and L.A. Raider nose tackle (and Saved By The Bell cast member!) Bob Golic co-hosted the pm drive show on the station with Chris Myers, and I often filled in on the show, appearing on-air with Golic.

Bob Golic Loses 140 pounds in 8 months

It was kinda cool working with Bob, considering I grew up in a Notre Dame family (dad, brother, cousins are alums). I remember well watching him outwit Earl Campbell and the Texas Longhorns in the Cotton Bowl as middle linebacker of the 1978 national champion Fighting Irish.

Even before I worked with him, I always thought Golic had the potential to be a solid sports talk guy, like his brother Mike. But at KMPC, Bob never really seemed to bring the daily intensity needed for the job. I often thought to myself during that time that perhaps Golic’s weight was a factor. Bob was huge, and always seemed to be tired, on and off-air. So I was happy to recently see that Golic, who has since located back to the Cleveland area, has dropped 140 pounds in eight months! The local media is all over the story, both print and electronic (scroll down).

The best part? Unlike his brother Mike, who looks like he lost about 25 lbs for a Nutrisystem endorsement by eating sawdust cereal for a week (and then gaining it all back?), Bob apparently dropped the lbs on his own. (So we’re spared the on-air, slow-motion horseplay with sansabelted Dan Marino.)

I know that most of you understand how cynical and downright jaundiced I can be at times. So I’m happy to report some news today that’s nothing but positive. It’s great to see Bob getting his weight under control. If you’ve heard him on-air, you know that he’s every bit as talented as his brother Mike, if not moreso. Maybe this transformation will signal a resurgence in his media career.

The debacle involving the FANHOUSE fantasy girls reminds a lot of’s decision to hire Jenn Sterger.

Jenn Sterger Nude Playboy Photos

I suppose you can understand the idea behind it. That is, to bring more males to the site and in AOL’s case, pump up fantasy sports signups. But of course, in the process of integrating that kind of content into editorial, you explode the credibility of the site. And piss off the site’s contributors.

I know some people come to SbB only for the girls, but the majority of our users now peruse the sports content first, witness our traffic coming in at over 90% North American-based. If we focused more on promoting the girls’ pages, that number would be much lower, and our audience demographic would be infinitely less attractive to high profile North American-targeted advertisers.

But audience composition isn’t nearly as important to an established brand like SI, which can place full, frontal nudity on its site (body painted models) and still land Madison Avenue clients for million dollar sponsorships.

With that in mind, last night I saw something really astonishing on the cashier counter at a Los Angeles 7-11 store. SI has a *book* out now of photos featuring only body-painted models. That’s right, as I was paying for my Bit-O-Honey and 7 roller dogs (for just 70 cents!), I had a giant, protruding nipple under my nose.

The photos are magnificent and I actually bought a copy ($12!). It’s very tastefully done, but the fact remains that a book full of nude women (including the cover) was being hawked in full view at a 7-11 store. Normally that kind of provocative product is reserved for buildings with no windows.

SI Body Paint Issue

(Not This: SI nudie issue I first saw was at L.A. Wilshire Blvd. 7-11 location cashier counter)

That’s one more example of when you’re an established brand, you can bend the rules in defining what is and what isn’t appropriate mainstream content to be consumed by the general public. Either that or Larry Flynt has privately acquired a large equity stake in Southland Corp.

Meanwhile, if you look through the thousands of photos of the SbB Girls, you won’t find anything even approaching that kind of content. We have no thongs, see-thru or implied nudity in our photos. Which is also more than I can say for mainstream sites like

This isn’t a criticism of AOL or SI, just a little context I thought I’d provide. If you’ve read this far, you probably are already well aware of what I’m talking about anyway.

Photo of new SbB Girl Whitney at Venice (CA) Canals:

SbB Girl Whitney at Venice Canals