Brog: The ESPYs Or Women’s Rugby Jamboree?

Travel day back to Los Angeles after what was a great week in NYC for the MLB All-Star game. Tomorrow we’re shooting a new SbB Girl, and some pics will be posted beginning next week.

Venice Beach Hair Horn Festival

(ESPYs top L.A. Sports Calendar. #2? Hair Horns’ Death Skate)

The only downer about this week was missing my favorite sports award show held in July in Los Angeles hosted by a sports network. Now, there aren’t many events that cause Lipstick City to stop and watch. I would rank the ESPYs right up there with Venice’s annual hair horns death skate. And don’t forget about the Cal-State L.A. annual women’s rugby jamboree held on the second Tuesday of every February.

So what puts the ESPYs at the bra-stuffed top? That’s easy, Adriana Lima:

Adrianna Lima

I’ll be out shooting most of tomorrow, but will try to file a progress report during lunch at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles (Pico location).