Brog: Suddenly Curvy Kournikova Denies Implants

The LONDON DAILY MAIL has a recent photo of the stunning transformation of Anna Kournikova, taken in Miami at a fashion show:

Anna Kournikova

The suddenly busty Kournikova has long fought off rumors of an eating disorder thanks to her oft-emaciated appearance in recent years. Here’s a pic of her in 2005:

Anna Kournikova

Yes, that’s the same woman. That’s the biggest boob growth I’ve seen since I started monitoring Red Sox home attendance figures after 2004.

And for the record, Anna claims her transformation isn’t the result of a boob job or any other artificial enhancement.

Next up for Anna? Giving career advice to Dara Torres.
Case you haven’t heard, Marion Jones has asked President Bush to pardon her, thus commuting her prison sentence.

The CEO of USA Track & Field, Doug Logan, is trying to head the move off at the pass, writing in an open letter to W.: “To pardon one of the biggest frauds perpetuated on the Olympic movement would be nothing less than thumbing our collective noses at the world.

I expect W. to act appropriately in this instance by offering her a fair deal. She gets to go home as soon as the troops in Iraq do. See you in 2070 Ms. Jones!

Behold, the wisdom of Stuart Scott in an interview in GQ magazine: “To me, Will Leitch and Deadspin are a joke. He doesn’t have access, so he makes stuff up.

Scott also claimed in the piece that blogs are now popular because MSM writers refuse to write candidly about athletes - citing personal relationships.

So Stu sez sports blogs stuff up? Then how come the vast majority of the largest-trafficked blogs on the internet merely report what the mainstream media has already reported? What is the percentage of original reporting that goes on here or the other big, general sports blogs?

Answer: It’s miniscule.

Yes, occasionally we break something, or do an interview here and there, but mostly sports blogs repackage what has already been reported.

I didn’t make that clarification for Scott though, as he’s made clear many times that he doesn’t read blogs. And based on that comment to GQ, I believe him. Also, just what exactly is the target reader demographic for a Stuart Scott interview? Probably the same people who buy this.

I bet you didn’t know that Ed Begley, Jr. might have a future career as a NASCAR driver. (Leave it to a Canadian to suggest NASCAR go electric.)

The SYDNEY MORNING HERALD reports that Greg Norman jumped from 646 to 166 in the world rankings following his third place finish at last week’s British Open. That’s the “biggest single leap in rankings history.”

Actually that leap number-two on the list. #1 is Chris Evert being worth $100M.

REUTERS reports that an organized crime organization tried to buy one of the big pro soccer clubs in Rome - Lazio. The bid was made “through third parties using funds gained from violence and intimidation.”

Now for another shocker. Of ten arrests, one included former Lazio player and team President Giorgio Chinaglia.

Remember our post about Dwyane Wade’s restaurants going belly-up after only two months? Now his partners are suing him. Could be worse, at least she wasn’t one of them.

New photo of SbB Girl Allie:

SbB Girl Allie

A lot of off-site biz to attend to today. Back at full strength tomorrow.