Brog: SbB Ready To Hit The Hollywood Club Scene

It was a long weekend shooting new SbB Girl Whitney. When I do those all-day shoots, 2-3 days in a row, I completely lose track of what’s going on in the spritely world of athletic endeavor. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s actually my personal antidote for Beijing and Brett Favre fatigue.

SbB Girl Whitney And Brooks

(Whitney and Mr. Happy)

With my recent move from Miami back to L.A. and all the shooting I’ve been doing, my weekends have been wrecked of late. So I’m going to take this weekend off and do something I haven’t done in many a moon - hit the Hollywood clubs. I’m really looking forward to checking out the latest Lipstick City scene, reconnect with old acquaintances, and most importantly, assist Ronny Turiaf and Ron Artest in getting past the bouncers.

Lisa Lipps J.A. Adande Buffy The Sportswriter Slayer

Now I’ve got plenty of friends who promote for clubs, so I’ve got the inside track on admission to many of L.A.’s hot spots. But as everyone who is anyone in this town knows, if you want to truly make the scene here, there’s only one man to call: J.A. Adande. Don’t believe me? Ask them.

The LONDON TIMES reports that the Olympics venues for which Athens spent untold millions to construct have fallen into disuse and thus disrepair.

Today, the landscape is almost apocalyptic – like a scene from The Day After Tomorrow, the Hollywood global warming blockbuster released the same summer that the Olympics returned to their ancient home in Greece to a fanfare by supporters of the Olympic Movement.

The view at the taekwondo venue in nearby Faliro is no more uplifting. A few workmen potter around at the edges of the padlocked site, around which grim public underpasses are plastered with lurid graffiti and lined with stinking piles of rubbish.

Sadly, it’s a similar scenario for most of the other former Oly host cities. But not here in L.A., where I’m pleased to report that our once-sparkling 1984 Olympic velodrome (or was it the team handball arena?) now most likely serves as five-star accomodations for the city’s homeless. And I here they’re also well on their way to getting Zagat-rated.

I think we’re all starting to think that Beijing could shut down the entire city and it wouldn’t cure the massive pollution problem.

Being less-than-thrilled at the prospect of a tyrannical regime hosting The Games, I’ll be positively giddy is the air pollution makes The Games an abject disaster. Not that I wish that on NBC or the other media and fans in attendance.

Already amusing is that the Olympic Village was opened today, and it appears that the apartments will be largely occupied by athletes from third world countries. More specifically, nations that can’t afford to have its athletes stay out of town.

The NEW ORLEANS TIMES-PICAYUNE reports today that although the AFL folks announced a sellout at Sunday’s Arena Bowl XXII at New Orleans arena, “there was plenty of leg room.

(The upper deck was) at best half full, and there were empty seats on almost every row of the lower part of the arena.

If only the now-departed (what a coincidence) AFL commissioner David Baker had thought to have Chris Paul attend the game in some capacity (kickoff tee retriever?). Or have Brownie hand out government-issued credit cards to all those in attendance.

Oh wait, that wouldn’t work, the game wasn’t in Houston.

The Buffalo Sabres announced their variable pricing plan for the ‘08-’09 season today:

Four games – three against the Maple Leafs and one against the Canadiens – have been designated “Platinum” games and will cost $78-$233. The remaining home games will be allocated in last year’s categories: Gold (10), Silver (15), Bronze (9) and Value (3)

Now if only L.A. Kings hockey fans can get the same deal on home games.

Memo to the KANSAS CITY STAR: 2004 called, they want their story back.

How many straights do you know associated this with homosexuality?

Nike Hyperdunk Ads accused of being insensitive to gays

OK, maybe John Amaechi’s marketing agent.

Greg Bishop of the NEW YORK TIMES touts new computer software that some football coaches are trying to use to their advantage:

The program, called Huddle, was conceived a couple of years ago by three Nebraska students whose obsessions were technology and Cornhuskers football.

The result is part video library, part picture montage, part video game, part instant messenger, part calendar, part playbook — essentially an online community, like Facebook for football.

Nebraska, under Coach Bill Callahan, used Huddle for the 2007 season to rave reviews. The Cornhuskers finished 5-7, and Callahan was fired. But he took Huddle to his interview with the Jets, and he was hired as assistant head coach.

The rest of the AFC East was undoubtedly depressed when Jets Coach Eric Mangini dumped offensive coordinator Paul Hackett. But this news should certainly lift their spirits.

I’m still a little stunned about Army pulling back on Caleb Campbell taking a shot at the NFL. I just remember the poor Plebe giving us the hard sell on NFL Draft day, only to have this happen.

Now come to find out West Point is talking to the Big East about joining the conference in football, no doubt spurred by the money and prestige such a deal would bring - yet Army shoots down Campbell’s bid for the NFL.

Kinda hard to reconcile the two. Make up your mind guys.

The Shea Stadium escalator trifecta is now in play.

The WALL STREET JOURNAL, via SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY, has evidence that Patriots QB Tom Brady might be more inclined to throw into double coverage this season.

In a very soft real estate market, Brady “re-listed his Manhattan apartment, asking $18.29M for his condo in the Time Warner Center, about 10% more than he sought for the place in ‘07.

The good news is that when the Dodgers leave Vero Beach, the venerable Spring Training location won’t be without a tenant.

The bad news is it’s Peter Angelos.

NBC Sports today announced that, for the second straight year, it will feature Faith Hill performing the theme song for its “Sunday Night Football” telecasts.

Meanwhile ABC also recently announced Hank Williams, Jr. will peform Monday Night Football’s theme song for the 19th straight season.

Man, does Ronnie Milsap have to wait for someone to die or what?

Duke Univ. cultural anthropologist Orin Starn to NEWSDAY on last week’s WNBA Sparks-Shock fight: “My un-nuanced reaction was that this was a kind of landmark in the development of women’s sports, what I see as the masculinization of women’s sports.


I covered women’s college basketball at three major universities. Obvious Mr. (?) Starn hasn’t spent much time on long, late night bus trips with women’s basketball teams.

New photo of SbB Girl Anyssa on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii:

SbB Girl Anyssa Wearing Bikini In Oahu Hawaii