Brog: Pennington’s Balls Deep Better Than Brett’s

Seems like the Jets trading for quatrogenarian mad bomber Brett Favre and dispatching weak-armed Chad Pennington was a home run for Eric Mangini’s charges, eh? If you listened to NFL TV domepieces since the deal, you’d think the move means the Jets now will do a better job throwing the ball deeper down field.

Chad Pennington Better Balls Deep Than Brett Favre Statistical Comparison

One small detail though, the Elias Sports Bureau reports that over the past four years, Pennington has been much, MUCH more effective than Favre on passing attempts of 20 yards or more.

Tim Graham of yesterday highlighted the figures in his blog, which I heard about today on Dan Le Batard’s WAXY-AM show in Miami. As you might expect, those statz has South Florida a little more excited about Pennington, with equal parts bemusement.

Great find by A.J. Daulerio over at DEADSPIN:

Sean Salisburyt

(Someone might consider upping the wattage on those softboxes)

Sean “The Brand” Salisbury has been unearthed doing commentary for a new site called Salisbury will apparently be on the Mike Florio schedule (seven days per week). We’ll see how long that lasts.

Honest to god, the first thing I thought of when I saw the URL “” was it was somehow related to the gay sports site But alas, Tim Hardaway is apparently not among the new site’s early wave of hires (though he’s available).

It’s a little amusing to see Cris Collinsworth covering the Olympics, but he’s no less qualified than half the reporters on-site. NBC Universal employees right now must feel a little like the National Guard. You can be 50-years-old and hopelessly underqualified for the job, but that doesn’t mean you won’t soon be in a funny looking uniform, halfway ’round the world on 48 hours notice.

Jim Gray Hollywood Star Crapped On

Sports TV execs are enjoying a brief respite from Jim Gray, as the mostly-unemployed broadcaster has called off the stalking for now, after landing the prestigious role of “boxing reporter,” on NBC’s Olympic coverage. I wonder if a monitoring anklet was part of the arrangement - and Dick Ebersol checking into his hotel as “Charles Bronson.”

REUTERS reports today that the chairman of the Special Olympics is advocating a boycott of the upcoming movie “Tropic Thunder,” “citing what they say is its negative portrayal of people with intellectual disabilities.

Whoa. Desperate, lowest common denominator humor is in the film? With Robert Downey, Jr., already doing Jolson for 120 minutes in the feature, I never would’ve guessed. Oddly, Will Ferrell and Mike Myers didn’t staff the screenplay on this one.

In all seriousness, it’s a shame the public boycott was called for, considering the movie would’ve been out of theaters faster than a Special Olympics sprint medley otherwise.

Honestly, do we really have to have a ginormous apparel maker’s logo on the USA team’s outfits for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies?

Olympic Unis

At the very least, if the duds are going to be dud, then what’s the point publicizing who designed them? I never thought I’d ever say this, but we could’ve used Melissa Rivers on-mic last Friday for some comedic relief. Or whatever day the Ceremonies actually took place (ask NBC).

The L.A. TIMES reports today that MLS Galaxy President & GM Alexi Lalas and coach Ruud Gullit have both departed the team. Lalas didn’t have his contract renewed and Gullit apparently resigned for personal reasons.

The Galaxy are mired mid-table, and the team has been nothing but a disappointment on the field since the David Beckham sign.

Of the attendees at Galaxy games, what percentage really care if the team wins or loses that night? I’ve always thought of MLS as much like minor league baseball: wins and losses are incidental. The lure of those kind of events are cheap, family entertainment. Much like a trip to a bowling alley or go-kart track.

So to see Lalas apparently jettisoned because the team was underperforming strikes me as a “deck chairs off the Titanic” move.

In Lalas’ defense, signing Beckham was the worst thing the team could’ve done, and I can’t imagine he or anyone in personnel at the Galaxy or around the league was behind it (fellow GMs must’ve been chuckling). Beckham, even in his prime, was to make little to no difference with the club on the field. Not to mention creating unfairly high expectations (and ultimately, Lalas’ ouster).

Paul Lukas of UNI WATCH BLOG asks today:

Huskers Media Guide

Is this a media guide or a poster for a Richard Pryor film?

Tonight I’m going to something called “Maddenpalooza,” which is a promotional event at the Rose Bowl for the rollout of Madden 09. If you live on the westside of Los Angeles, as I do, getting to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on a Monday afternoon is a little like booking Business Class to Tbilisi these days.

There’s no place I’d rather be tonight. Especially with Good Charlotte headlining the musical acts schedule to perform.

Save perhaps watching Bill Parcells throw out the first pitch at the annual softball game in Saratoga between New York State troopers and Saratoga Race Course jockeys.

Oh, drat!

I’d like to say that it’s ironic that Tiananmen Square, the main gathering place for Chinese citizens in Beijing, has been largely deserted during the Olympic Games.

Much like the Olympic Village, which is also sparsely populated thanks to choking pollution pesky “mist”. Or the “Olympic Green,” a showplace of freestanding buildings erected by sponsors that has been a ghost town, as reported today by Tripp Mickle of SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL.

Or the Olympic Stadium for the Opening Ceremonies, which featured large clumps of empty seats.

Ironic? Try comic.

And much like the Chinese government, when he’s not upgrading Emerald Aisle customers, maybe Bob Costas, from that giant receptionist’s desk he’s bunkered behind, can tell us the truth once in awhile.

New photo of new SbB Girl Allie in Venice, CA: