Brog: Now Ready Climb The Highest (Nubian) Peak

Moving Day! I’m outta Miami this afternoon. Really excited, as I’m off to traverse the vast, fruited plain of our great nation, plumbing the depths of the valleys and climbing ever-higher, to the highest Nubian Peak:

Nubian Peak

(That’s almost as good as this- thanks Orson!)

By now you’ve probably seen Punter’s post on the Giants’ Super Bowl rings getting stolen from a jewelry store located just 10 miles from the Patriots’ offices. I’ve since heard from a league source that the rings were soon to be delivered to additional club employees (the players, coaches and top front office staff got theirs first).

Putin Steals Super Bowl Ring From Bob Kraft

So with the news of the heist, boy is Vladimir Putin ever pissed!

I’ve got some breaking news for LSU fans:

LSU Civil War Sign

Nebraska was not a slave state.

From the Dept. of Unfounded, Uncalled-For Cheap Shots, I give you the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: “Was that really the woman who accused Kobe Bryant of rape in Colorado at one of the Lakers-Celtics games in Boston? A source swears he saw her. Something seemed to be distracting Bryant.

Actually Bryant was probably more likely distracted by the New York tabs continuing to make up lies and steal material (let it load) to fill column space. Not that that’s anything new. Yawn.

Question: If Mike Breen had cut his NBA broadcasting teeth in Memphis or Minnesota, and not New York, do you think he’d be doing the NBA Finals?

For old schoolers, he reminds me of Len Berman.

I’ll be driving for the next two Finals games, and I’m much looking forward to the call of Mike Tirico and Hubie Brown on ESPN Radio (no, not Will Perdue). Why isn’t Hubie on ABC TV?

Oh, I forgot, we need more of the clunky interchange between Mark Jax and JVG. If you were a NBA GM, would you hire either guy as head coach?

Funny comparison by Tom Hoffarth of the L.A. DAILY NEWS:

Jeff Van Gundy Wall E

If only JVG’s broadcasting was that entertaining (Nick Latch-ee? Seriously?).

How badly does that new Coldplay song - in the NBA Finals iTunes TV spot - blow goat?

I regained my faith in Lakers fans last night when, after Rajon Rondo tweaked his ankle in the third quarter, someone blurted from the Staples seats, “Get him a wheelchair,” - as also duly noted by Breen.

Stu Scott needs to lose those glasses, ‘else he’ll soon end up here - like Jaws (scroll down).

Why wasn’t David Stern interviewed by Scott about the latest Tim Donaghy game-fixing revelations on the ABC broadcast? Instead, comments from Stern were aired on the ABC game broadcast at halftime from a taped, pregame interview with various media outlets.

That might give a clue as to how Stern feels about the ABC broadcast team, or the Disney-led production.

The most surprising thing about the NBA Finals so far? There’s actually a player in the series, Spaniard Pau Gasol, with zero tattoos. Stunning. (What, Sam Cassell too?)

I’ve been thinking lately about Dick Ebersol, and what a nightmare the Beijing Olympics must be turning into for NBC. And just when you things can’t get more bizarre, you get this from the WALL STREET JOURNAL.

The Tug o’ War involving Ken Stabler has started, with his longtime friend (and Alabama AD) Mal Moore in full damage control mode. Moore is sticking up for Stabler mainly to help the former Tide QB keep his role as ‘Bama football radio analyst. Paul Finebaum, noted local sports-legend-irritant and a former talk radio competitor of Stabler’s, is taking the opposite tact. And I agree with him.

Stabler needs to have taken away from him what he holds most dear, then maybe he’ll get cleaned up.

I’ve long grown weary of all the meaningless lists pieced together by sports bloggers in search of a traffic grab. But ALL BALLS did a nice job in detailing some of my favorite sideline reporters (tho the click-thrus are annoying).

Brett Favre has some breaking news for Peter King: Michael Strahan isn’t an a$$hole like Lawrence Taylor.

I’m an ESPN Radio fiend, a groupie if you will, so I was thrilled to finally get to see what Mark Kestecher looks like (and how he spells his name):

Mark Kestecher


Up next: The “6-foot-8Jay Reynolds!

My first job out of college was as a sports talk show host in Columbia, SC. As part of the gig, I also hosted the call-in show for then-South Carolina football coach Sparky Woods (I know, WHO?).

There’s always a lot of debate about who has the best fans in college football. I attended college at the Univ. of Georgia, worked radio gigs at both USCs and Ohio State (with Kirk Herbstreit) and grew up in the middle of Big 12 country, so I’ve got a pretty thorough perspective on the issue.

And I’m here to tell you, Gamecock fans are the greatest in the game. The main reason for that is that they’ve rarely experienced success in the history of the program but have eternally turned out in droves for home football games. That’s always the test for me, how do fans react during hard times?

Don’t believe me? Then how else do you explain this?

Nice to see Dan Gross of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS getting behind hometown boy A.J. Daulerio for the DEADSPIN’s lead-editing gig. Deadspin Associate Editor Rick Chandler also has a funny take on the yawning chasm yielded by Will Leitch.

Tommy Lasorda

Isn’t it funny how attention whore Tommy Lasorda whines in this TMZ shot about people wanting to take his photo - yet he loiters hangs around a restaurant for god-knows-how-long to soak up all the adulation?

See ya in Mobile, suckers!