Brog: N. Ryan Says Clemens’ Denials ‘Unfortunate’

Nolan Ryan appeared today on Dan Patrick’s syndicated radio show and made it clear that he in no way supports the PED-denials of fellow Texan Roger Clemens (audio): “It’s just a shame that Roger has gotten caught up in this situation and he took the stance that he did and that so many things have come out … that have cast a bad light on his career.

(Fallout: Clemens will never get his own “RC” logo’d pillbox lid)

More From The Xpress: “If you look at what happened with some of the other players (who used PEDs), they stepped up and said ‘hey, I did it, I knew it was wrong,’ and they asked for forgiveness and have gone on about their business. I think it’s just unfortunate Roger took the position that he did and that so much has come out about it.”

One thing we’ve learned from cases like Clemens, Mike Vick and Martha Stewart is that their lying denials have exacerbated reax to the discovery of their sordid activities - impeding the original particulars from vanishing into particulate.

Maybe not completely (esp. in Vick’s case), but safe to say we wouldn’t still be reveling discussing Clemens’ now-disgraced status in such detail if he’d just owned up - in the face of all the media needling.

If only all three had consulted Marv Albert.

Is it just me or has Patrick’s radio show gone from a dull-edged rehash of’s home page to appointment listening?

Nobody has been harder on the show than SbB, but between increased on-air energy, some new, competent sidekicks spiced in, and the odd newsmaker interview, Patrick may soon start clearing live major markets lower than 1790am on the dial.

With Opening Ceremonies now hours away now, the obligatory Olympic Village condom supply stories have reached a crescendo, .

Of the now-billions of keyboard strokes devoted to the subject, why has someone yet to ask why the athletes can’t bring their own?

Scratch That. The Aussies, as usual, are ahead of the curve.

Today we found out that the University of Alabama, for some reason, felt the need to schedule three baseball games in Cuba this December.

Nice to see they’ve freshened up the stock in the Bad Idea Dept.

I’ll stop calling for Americans to kill all contact with Cuba just as soon and tyrants like Fidel & Raul Castro stop killing political dissidents.

Actually, I take that back. If the Crimson Tide also schedules games in Darfur, Tehran and Tibet, I’ll be on board. And I wouldn’t think that’d be so tough to do. Just order up a couple dozen more chest protectors and ‘Bama’s baseballers should be good to go.

And it’s nice to see the (sometimes) Cuban-centric MIAMI HERALD cutting and pasting a press release weighing in with a strong opinion on the matter.

As part of a chat with THE BIG LEAD this week, Dan Le Batard wrote, “I had an interesting offer the other day to host an NFL Network show with Deion (Sanders) and Warren Sapp. It seemed like it might be interesting. But I couldn’t do it because I imagined myself getting fired by Goodell within two segments.

Love Sapp, Deion bores me to NBC’s piece tomorrow night on Lopez Lomong. But that show probably would’ve been fun, since Lebby would’ve likely driven Sanders into Emmitt Smith-esque asylum.

I’m thinking Sapp may well become a media darling, god knows we need a former player to give us the straight dope. ESPN hires plenty of former players, but for some reason, the guys the use all end up being seemingly homogenized. Except Merrill Hoge, who for some reason always gets buried on the graveyard shift on ESPN News. The WWL should PPV his comments on Vince Young.

On the subject of Le Batard, what makes his quasi-sports radio show a must-listen is that he isn’t afraid to confront and criticize his (sometimes possible) employers.

He’s one of the few guys (the only?) who can clown ESPN on a consistent basis (and specifically target guys on The WWL) on his WAXY-AM radio show in Miami and somehow continue to book gigs with the network. No idea how he does it, but it’s the best thing since my corner grocery started stocking those frozen, mini Belgian Eclairs. It also makes you wonder just how much Bristol monitors his Miami show.

Scott Van Pelt has the same potential on his solo show, though it might not be a bad idea to get someone in there for him to riff off of. His shows with Michael Kay from New York during MLB All-Star week were among his best since he signed on as a daily ESPN Radio guy.

I spent last weekend down in San Diego, scouting locations for upcoming SbB Girls shoots. Driving back Sunday night, I listened to Sporting News Radio via 1090am in SD (”XX”). The net, which is based in Santa Monica, now is frozen out of the #2 radio market, which is actually too bad. They’ve got some good shows and hosts. And I miss getting my Shreveport-centric fix from middayer Tim Brando.

Peter Brown, case you don’t know, is back hosting SNR on weekends. He normally does a solid job, but for the hour I listened, he featured two, pre-taped interviews with Jim Grobe of Wake Forest and Ralph Friedgen of Maryland. Both were complete segments, 15+minutes long!

Besides adding Billy Packer and Maryland honk SVP to the audience, I can’t imagine listenership was up that quarter-hour. Thankfully, after checking the NORTH COUNTY TIMES, I’m happy to report that La Jolla, Encinitas and Carlsbad reported zero deaths by suicide during the time period.

SPORTS BIZ DAILY notes today that, “The NHL Network is airing Wayne Gretzky Week to commemorate Hockey HOFer Wayne Gretzky being traded from the Oilers to the Kings.

The centerpiece of the week of programming is an hour-long doco airing tonight called, “Day That Changed The Game.” (9p ET.)

The show sounds interesting, but just how did the deal really change the NHL? The trade may have sparked the league’s move into the Sun Belt, but has that really “changed” the game?

Yes, arenas from Anaheim-to-Miami now entertain low-five-figure crowds for hockey in the winter. But there’s been no true, widespread penetration into America, despite the veneer of the league’s sun belt occupation.

I’m in L.A. and I can tell you that the hockey Kings, though having probably the most-loyal fans in SoCal, are completely off the sports radar screen for 95% of the L.A. and Orange County. The minor league Galaxy get about the same amount of play.

For the time that Gretz was in his prime here, I’m sure that wasn’t the case, but I think we all know now that hockey will never be a mainstream sport in the United States. It’s a cultural thing. Just like MLB, NFL and NBA will never be mainstream spectator sports in Brandon, Manitoba.

Really reminds of what NASCAR is going through right now, as the circuit tries to plow into non-traditional markets, while ignoring its base.

Those who ignore history … ok, I’ll shut up.

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