Brog: Live Brog Features Coli Commentary, Cutty

Saturday, I’ll be coming to you on SbB live from inside and outside the L.A. Coliseum, reporting on the USC-Ohio State game, with assistance from our Managing Editor Jason Kaifesh.

USC 27 OSU 10 USC Song Girl Upskirt

(The Autumn wind is a butt pirate)

We’ll take you in and around the Coli with a genuine cutty sark-stained boots-on-the-ground perspective, and also have in-game observos from our seats at the game (Thanks Barry!). And I promise: absolutely, positively no mentions of those wacky(!) ESPN Gameday signs.

I’ll be joined by DEADSPIN’s A.J. Daulerio at the entire affair as well. And be sure and check out Matt Sussman’s account of the game over at Dspin. And yes, with tailgate fare in mind (*seasoned* bacon-wrapped hot dogs all around!), I plan to require Daulerio bring a generous supply o’ Depends to the proceedings.

Tim Tebow Hooters Girl Gainesville

(Timbo’s consolation prize)

The only thing I’ll add to all that’s been said about the game is that after Saturday, Mark Sanchez is your leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy. Sorry Timbo. And Mizzou, you might ask for your $50,000 back.

Prediction: USC 27, Ohio State 10.

Here’s how Elite XC and CBS is promoting the upcoming Kimbo Slice-Ken Shamrock bout:

Elite XC Bodacious Boobs CBS Kimbo Slice Ken Shamrock

A commercial featuring Bodacious Boobs” and a bikini model showering - which of course is what first comes to mind when I think of CBS. At least after my last forced viewing of Big Bang Theory on an American Airlines flight bound for Topeka.

John Maffei of the NORTH COUNTY (CA) TIMES reports today from San Diego that former longtime SoCal talkshow host Lee “Hacksaw” Hamiltonis moving up to Sirius XM Radio starting Monday, when Sirius launches ‘Mad Dog Radio’ on both services.” Hamilton will man the evening shift at Sirius.

Moving up to evening sports talk show shift on Sirius? Table for one, Hacksaw?

No idea how I missed this, but here’s the cover image for the calendar the Redskins are selling on their official website featuring the team’s cheer squad.

Redskins Jerkoff Calendar With Dan Snyder

(This image has not been photoshopped yes it has)

And to think I thought these (implied) NFL nudie calendars weren’t all about jerkoffs.


Anna Kournikova 2008 Maxim Cover

1997 called, they want their magazine cover model back.

NASCAR driver Jeff Burton to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS on the media tour in New York this week to promote the start of the Chase for the Sprint Cup: “Every time we come here, we get more and more recognized. We’ve got to get out of the … stereotype that it’s what rednecks do in the South.

Reminds of what the NHL folks have bellowed for centuries from Miami, Dallas, Phoenix and Los Angeles about those toque-wearing, Molson-swilling prairie dogs north of the border. And we see where that got them.

Matt Ufford of WITH LEATHER has some rather strong opinions about Sarah Palin: “I don’t want to go overboard and blow this out of proportion… but this bitch is Satan and I hope she dies.”

And to think I thought the Maker’s was flowing early ova here. (My kinda dude.)

Fox Sports TV emperor David Hill tells the WALL STREET JOURNAL that HD is “merely a stepping stone on the way to 3D.

Hill: “It’s going to be incredible. … I’ve seen boxing on 3D. It’s the thing that is going to save boxing.

Wrong. Actually it’s the Mark Cuban’s HDNet MMA cards. If I see one more logger/trucker/militia man winded after twenty seconds during one of those bouts, I’m going to start believing that Oscar De La Hoya’s bout results aren’t predetermined.

Speaking of Cuban, if you’ve been reading SbB the past year, you know that he has no chance to secure ownership of the Cubs from the start. So this ain’t exactly breaking news.

See ya tomorra, kiddos. That is, if I can survive a chance meeting with Earle Bruce and his horrific breath.