Brog: Just Keep Stu And Vitale Out Of This, Okay? has this fun salespiece from the ESPN suits:

ESPN Eyeball Salespiece

I wouldn’t be shocked if this was a fake, but it appears to be a very real piece of material used to lure companies into advertising with the WWL. Now, if commemorative Stu Scott and Dick Vitale baubles had been included in the presentation, then I’d be more inclined to the former.

I would’ve loved to have been in the room to see the quizzical reax of targeted ad reps when they received those spooky things. I can think of a lot of reasons to have an “extremely positive reaction” to an ESPN salespiece - but receiving mock eyeballs in the mail isn’t one of them.

ESPN Eyeball Salespiece 2

That presentation goes in ESPN’s bad decision bin, along with the hiring of Jemele Hill, the firing of Dan Patrick (yes, he was effectively let go), and allowing Chris Berman in the same area code as Torrey Pines last week.

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