Brog: I’m Now Counting Down To Le Coupe Grey

SbB Girl Wendy and I spent the day puttering around Montreal, taking in the sights. Here’s a photo of an old building, and some flags. And …

SbB Girl Wendy in Montreal


My own personal highlight today was making the fantastical discovery that Montreal is hosting the 2008 Le Coupe Grey (that’s Grey Cup for those of you residing in Whitehorse).

Le Coupe Grey a Montreal

As you can see, they’re pulling out all the stops here in Montreal, including makeshift billboards and a much-needed countdown clock. Only 79 days to go! I wasn’t planning on a return trip to Montreal any time soon, but the prospect of CFL execs unearthing Tom Cousineau for the ceremonial coin (loonie) flip has me intrigued. Time to cash in those Prince Edward Air miles!

We’re going to an Oasis concert tonight (yes, My Boy Barry). After the show, in order to help Wendy kill her buzz savor the truly sophisticated cuisine of Canada, we’ll inhale a family serving of my beloved Poutine at Montreal’s most-celebrated gastronomical institution: St. Hubert.