Brog: Here’s Anna Rawson’s Cell: (213) 785-7675

The MOBILE PRESS-REGISTER has a quickie profile of hottie Aussie golfer Anna Rawson.

Anna Rawson

As part of the piece assigned to P-R reporter Tommy Hicks *high five Tommy Boy*, we get this:

Rawson is the first professional golfer to establish a cell phone number her fans can call and leave messages for her. Only four weeks old, the number — 213-785-7675 — allows her fans to leave personal messages. She said she has started listening to the messages and is going to return some of the calls. She added she likes the personal touch of the cell phone contact with fans and believes it’s a more personal way to keep in touch with them than mailing an autographed photo.

When I think of LPGA fans, “personal touch” usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

So Rawson plans to return some of the calls? What’s the criteria for her call backs? Sufferer of a life-threatening disease? Honcho of a major corporation offering endorsement deal? South Korean LPGA tour member looking for English lessons?

Since Ms. Rawson went to USC, I’ve got a sure-fire way to elicit a reax: Trojans-Buckeyes tickets. (From My Boy Barry, of course.)

Speaking of hotties I’d like to touch meet personally, here’s some new photos of UTEP Bolivian baller baby Claudia Porras.

Claudia Porras

Claudia Porras large

Claudia Porras

Drew from tips me off on the Red Sox not allowing Curt Schilling to take a baseball playoff TBS broadcasting gig. From PROJO’s Sean McAdam:

The network asked the Red Sox for permission to use Schilling, but that request was denied. The Sox thought it would be inappropriate for Schilling to be working a series while the Red Sox probably are participating in the postseason.

Gee, I wonder if John Henry and Co. yanked Schilling’s postseason plans after the irrelevant injured pitcher served New York City a condom sandwich on WEEI-AM in Boston this week?

The MINNY STAR-TRIBUNE reported today that the Twins will host the 2014 MLB All-Star Game at their new ballpark, due to open in 2010. More interesting is the future schedule for the game, which includes *gasp* my hometown of Kansas City. reports the 2011 game will be in Phoenix, the 2012 game will be in K.C. and the 2013 game is set for the Mets’ new Citi Field. Of course, we’re getting the game because of the ridiculous renovations now underway on The K. KC had a chance to do it right, and build a downtown ballpark, but Royals Owner David Glass decided sprucing up an obsolete stadium in the middle of nowhere Raytown was a better idea.

Anyssa in Kansas City

(SbB Girl Anyssa in the home of the 2012 All-Star Game, missed opportunities)

Right, that wouldn’t have energized a now-moribund, flyover town - to have a downtown ballpark and a gorgeous sparkling, new arena together. Thanks dumbass Dave.

Kobe Bryant anecodoted on Jimmy Kimmel last night on a Redeem Teamer who met Prez Bush in Beijing: “One of our players — I’m not going to name names — asked him if he had any free gas cards.

Kimmel later showed a mock version of Bryant’s car-jumping viral video - which had Bryant and Ronny Turiaf getting run over by a bus.

Kobe car jump

Bryant: “My man, Ronny Turiaf, forgot to call out the back pick.

Michael Phelps to the BALTIMORE SUN on when his neverending PR journey will end: “Beats me. I’m ready to go home.”

Michael Phelps with the ladies

Right, sure he is.

New photo of SbB Girl Wendy in Toronto:

SbB Girl Wendy in Toronto