Brog: Favre’s Pilot Reveals Brett Has Jets Regret

Goodness knows I’m breathless in anticipation of another angle on Brett Favre’s descent into AFC anonymity, so I present crack coverage from the WATERTOWN (WI) DAILY TIMES.

Brett Favre Packers Flag Half Mast

Today, Daily Times reporter Adam Tobias went to really the only source that matters when it comes to finding out the genuine reax of Team Favre to the Jets deal: Favre’s pilot.

Grant Goetsch skippers Favre’s well-chronicled private plane, and confirmed what the rest of the world outside of Oyster Bay knows: “He knew there was a bidding, he knew that they (Packers) had a higher offer from the Jets and he knew that the Packers wanted him to go to the Jets. He didn’t want to really go to the Jets.

He and his agent were continually working I’m sure all night talking on and off with the different teams. He was aware of both (teams), but the comment was made that he wasn’t as interested in the Jets.

Wasn’t as interested in the Jets? Who said millionaire ballplayers aren’t like Everyman? Favre definitely falls into the majority of the non-masochistic, male population with that “comment.

Here’s the wife of a ballplayer you just might know:

Barry's Bombs

Said ballplayer revealed after the jump.

OK, I guess it was kind of obvious. It’s Barry’s Bombs.

Barry Bonds Wife's Huge Bombs

The woman’s name is Liz Watson, who is Bonds’ wife and was photographed with him earlier this week. No word if she was helping him take up a hobby (metal-detecting on the beach?) to help take his mind off his allegedly shrunken sex organs baseball.

CHECK-MATE: I was tipped off to an amusing anecdote about Torii Hunter by KSPN-AM’s “Mason & Ireland” show today in Los Angles. The source is Bill Plunkett of the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, who reports:

Angels outfielder Torii Hunter said Kirby Puckett did it for him when he was a young player just coming up with the Minnesota Twins. So Hunter has done it for “most of the rookies” that have made their way to the Angels’ active roster this season.

He hands them an envelope. Inside is his paycheck.

“It’s not to brag,” he said. “It’s to push them. Motivation.”

Right-hander Shane Loux is the latest to get the eyeful of digits. Hunter called him over and played “the check game” during this week’s homestand.

If you polled MLBers and asked them who they would rather have as a teammate, Hunter or Manny Ramirez, who do you think would win out? I’d take Hunter 10 out of 10 times.

The only thing more fraudulent than those earlier stories of a Packers training camp competition between Favre and Aaron Rodgers was a Kansas basketball coach acting like he was serious in considering a coaching offer from Oklahoma State.

After OSU fired Sean Sutton, the Cowboys, fueled by T. Boone Pickens oil money, made it know they wanted Okie State alum Bill Self to leave Lawrence for Stillwater.

And after claiming his first Final Four triumph with Jayhawks, Self made little effort to call off the rumors. Despite the fact that Self would never, ever leave KU, his posturing eventually led to a $30M pay day - consumated today.

Bill Self's Hairpiece

What a relief for Jayhawks fans. That is, that Self is now under contract indefinitely (10 years) and now has enough financial security to resist endorsing the Hair Club For Men.

I have one more thing to add to the Bretz’s Jetz-Regretz file: Plenty are vilifying the Pack for not getting enough in the deal, when I think they really made out. Favre has been, and would always be, a cancer to the Packers organization, so there was no going back with him. In that light, team’s leverage was obviously impaired going into any deal.

Not to mention that Favre really did hold all the cards in the imminent transaction. If he’d demanded a trade to the Vikes, and the Packers refused to oblige, and Favre didn’t budge, what then? If Favre reports to GB to collect his season’s salary and suits up as a backup for games, team chemistry would’ve been wrecked. So for that reason, Favre could’ve probably gotten traded to the team he wanted eventually - as the Packers’ season hung in the balance. But his impatient cost him a chance of getting back to the Super Bowl.

The irony in all of this is that it really didn’t matter either way. Both Green Bay and the Jets were going to be mediocre with or without Favre.

Years ago I did a radio show with KANSAS CITY STAR columnist Joe Posnanski. We were doing the show from Chiefs Training Camp in BFE Wisconsin and searching for show topics one day. We came up with the infinitely original, “Is KC a football or baseball town?” We debated it I think for the whole program that day.

I grew up in KC when the Royals were perennial contenders (yes, centuries ago), and Joe arrived as a writer for the local paper in the ’90s, when the Chiefs were enjoying a renaissance.

Joe asserted that Cowtown (our cute little nick for KC) was a football town. I said it was neither. Like 99% of big cities, it was a winner’s town. Whichever team won, fans showed up for.

Now that the Chiefs are in a marked decline (thanks Carl!), looks like I was right. Not that that brings me any joy.

The legendary Pump brothers (Dana and David) have their ninth annual charity gala tonight at the Beverly Hilton to raise money for technology and cancer screenings - for the uninsured - at the Northridge Hospital Medical Center in the Valley.

Pump Brothers Dana and David

College basketball’s dynamic duo, according to the L.A. DAILY NEWS, “started the foundation nine years ago after their father, Harold, died of cancer in 1999. The foundation has donated more than $2.5 million for the treatment and cure of cancer.

The dinner and accompanying golf tournament always features A-listers like Denzel Washington, Magic Johnson, and this year’s main honorees: John Elway, Pat Summitt and L.A. civic mainstay Barry Rudin.

For more information on how to donate to the Pump’s foundation, check out their website here.

New photos of SbB Girls (and Hawaiian twins) Melia and Kalia at SbB Gig #79 in Santa Monica:

SbB Girls Hawaiian Twins Melia And Kalia At SbB Gig #79 In Santa Monica