Brog: Fat Slob Fielder Costing Crew Down Stretch?

One of the most overlooked stories of the baseball season is coming to the fore as the Brewers bumble down the stretch:

Prince Fielder Weight Comparison Fat Slob in 2008

Why is no one talking about how gigantic *vegetarian* Prince Fielder has become?

That photo looks like about a 40-pound weight gain in two years. I saw Fielder in L.A. a few weeks ago and he’s so fat now that he nearly keels over every time he has to make a defensive play. He also is having a subpar year and hasn’t hit a lick in the past month.

In early August, he attacked a teammate in the dugout and then later saying he didn’t need to apologize for his passion for the game. He’s 50 pounds overweight yet he’s passionate about his profession?

While no one is saying boo right now about Fielder’s overgrown girth (Ned? Doug? Hello?!), you can bet if the Brewers flame out again at the end of the season, and Fielder continues his downward hitting trend, the elephant in the clubhouse room will be impossible to ignore.

Tuesday Ellen DeGeneres had Olympic pixie (and hottie in my book) Shawn Johnson on her TV talk show. Yesterday, it was Olympic volleyball hotties Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor bouncing around while wearing next to nothing.

Ellen lusts after Olympic Volleyball chicks

(Ellen feels the need to strap on a diaper?)

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports that during the show, May-Treanor talked about the “butt slaps” Walsh gives her during matches, saying, “I don’t notice it because I’m on the receiving end. … It’s like a high-five now.

Ellen DeGeneres Pam Anderson

Later, show guest Pamela Anderson asked DeGeneres, “Are (Walsh and May-Treanor) coming out?” Anderson then ripped off her dress to reveal a bikini, saying, “I can’t help myself.

Funny, I thought that was Ellen’s line.

I got to thinking about it, and I realized that I’m probably the only person breathing who has hosted both the USC and Ohio State radio broadcast pre- and postgame shows. And taken calls from fans of both teams on their home radio station.

I worked for Ohio State radio flagship WBNS in Columbus back in the ’90s, and along with my football gameday duties, co-hosted a daily sports talkshow with ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit.

SbB Girl Jenna at USC Football Game

(SbB Girl Jenna at USC game with tickets from My Boy Barry)

And in the early ’00s, I hosted pre- and postgame activities for then-USC football radio flagship KMPC in Los Angeles.

I’ve had a couple people ask me this week about the intensity of the fans from the two schools. I can say, unequivocally, that Ohio State fans are the craziest I’ve ever come across.

When I cohosted Herbstreit’s daily show, we had to put a moratorium on OSU-Michigan calls to the show except for game week, ‘else that’s all people would ever call about. No matter what time of year. Meanwhile, like everything else here, USC gets a little swallowed up in the massive L.A. market. Not to mention the local UCLA fans who despise the school they call the University of Spoiled Children.

SbB Girl Jenna at USC Football Game

(SbB Girl Jenna at USC game with tickets from My Boy Barry)

And when I first arrived in L.A., back in 2000, the Trojans were trying to escape the depths of the Paul Hackett era. With Ohio State gamedays still fresh in my mind, I remember well how pathetic I thought USC tailgating was at that time. The atmosphere was subdued at best, and the campus nearly devoid of students on game day. It was appalling.

But since Pete Carroll’s unprecendented run of championship football, things have changed dramatically. Now the Coliseum area is a swarm of food, booze and frolic before SC games. Not at the obscene scale of Ohio Stadium pregame, but give it time. And a few Donatos franchises.

Great point by Jorge Sedano on 790 The Ticket in Miami today: How come when Eagles O-Lineman Shawn Andrews missed three weeks of training camp with depression, the team (and media) didn’t go bonkers like it has with V.Y.?

After turning down $1.8M to play last week’s UNM-A&M football game in San Antonio, New Mexico school officials had the good sense to raise ticket prices for that same Lobos-Aggies game in Albuquerque to $50 (the two I don’t think are related).

The results? No one showed up for the game.

I’m late on this, but Ashley Russell is going to the Big Ten network? With Big 10 Commish Jim Delany having been surrounded by boobs for years (his fellow BCS proponents), I guess the move should come as no surprise.

Big Boobs Redskins Cheerleader

By the way, I’ve got a bead on the BTN’s next hire.

I love the story found by A.J. Daulerio of DEADSPIN and reposted by Jason here about the Florida coed cracking Big 10 girls in the PLAYBOY Big 10 college girls issue.

The reason I find it so amusing? Not her comment about Big 10 girls being ugly, but her changing her name from Kelly Hemberger to the porn-worthy Kelly Carrington.

Kelly Carrington Hugh Hefner

And the accompanying pic of Hef and her. More specifically, the look on Hef’s face in the pic (right before her threw the football through the tire swing?).

The SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE reports that documents filed in San Diego Superior Court show that Padres Owner John Moores and his wife Becky, who filed for divorce in January, have “resolved their dispute over access to the owner’s box at Petco Park.”

If the Pads were any good, think that dispute would’ve ended so amiably?

From the “this is only the beginning” file: Chiefs Assistant Director of PR Pete Moris to the KANSAS CITY STAR on the Chiefs-Raiders game getting blacked out in KC: “I don’t really see any danger in it not being shown. It’s the Raiders, and even though we’ve got some tickets left, I’d say we’ll be fine. We can always ask for an extension.

New photo of SbB Girl Keyon in Los Angeles:

SbB Girl Keyon