Brog: Erin Andrews’ How-To On ‘Caress Me Down’

Interesting photo (with my goofy inset) of Erin Andrews I hadn’t seen before:

Erin Andrews Kung Fu Grip

(‘Should’ve never told Tebow the interview was uncut and uncensored. Nuts!’)

Nice to see The Grip™ is back! And of course, The Grip™ takes on a whole different meaning depending on the context.

BTW, leave your own caption in the comment thread if you please.

From the I’m-Not-Making-This-Up-Dept.: SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports that Stats LLC today unveiled “a joint venture with Naveen Aranha, CEO of India-based Sportz Interactive, to create Stats Middle East.

The operation will be headquartered in Dubai, and the move continues a marked global expansion for the sports data provider that last year opened a European operation and also has made significant inroads into India, China and Japan.

STATS Middle East? That no doubt means President Bush is soon to be confirmed as the only man on the planet with a lower save percentage than Joe Borowski.

As you know, we’ve quite the homeless problem here on the westside of Los Angeles.

Kim Kardashian Blocks Out The Sun

And then there’s the bums.

Oh man, DEADSPIN’s A.J. Daulerio today has a deconstructive dissertation that unloads on Rick Reilly - much like Rick Majerus after unscrambling Cinemax at the local La Quinta.

In a not-so-related observo, do you ever notice that guys like Reilly and Bob Costas, the staid, self-important bastions of sports journo integrity, always say they don’t listen to sports radio because of all the shouting?

Question #1: When was the last time you heard a sports talker actually “shout”?

Answer: The only guy I can really think of is Chris Russo, who happens to be on the one station, WFAN in New York, that guys like Costas admire (and air their own syndicated shows on). I listen to as much sports radio as anyone (regrettably). Outside of Russo, I’d say the sports radio shout quotient is less than the hair on my newly-shaved pate.

Question #2: When was the last time you heard a member of the Costas-beloved print media fraternity “shout” as a panelist on “Around The Horn”?

Answer: How much time you got?

In fairness, I do like Around The Horn, mainly because Tony Reali saves it. He’s the #1 rising star on ESPN. The panelists meanwhile remind of Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn and Courtyard by Marriott. Interchangeable.

Except Woody Paige that is, who makes Dick Clark sound like Marty Glickman in his prime. (That’s one for you dark-humoured, ol’-timey broadcast-types.)

Now this, I want to see: SPORTS BIZ DAILY notes that the Tug McGraw Foundation will be an official charity of the ING Philadelphia Distance Run starting with this year’s race in September.

Most importantly, ESPN’s John Kruk and former MLBer Greg Luzinski will run to raise funds for the foundation.

Talk about stressed-out joints. Reminds me of the medical marijuana line on the Venice Boardwalk (yes, there is actually a *clinic* there).

The PORTLAND TRIBUNE has a piece on one of the class acts of the sports blogosphere, TRUE HOOP’s Henry Abbott. ESPN got that one right.

What are the benefits of being such a white-hot internet celebrity here in Lipstick City? Well, you get invited (via mass email) to such high profile soirees as this Saturday’s “Tracy Murray Celebrity Birthday Bash.”

The event, which will be held at a “newly-remodeled” Hollywood club, is “PRIVATE, INVITE-ONLY,” and the promoters are expecting “media coverage.”

Must be the celebs on the guest list, who include, “Earl Watson, Janero Pargo, Trevor Ariza, Baron Davis, Chris Mills, Marcus Camby, and Shawn Livingston.” And I’m assuming some other misspelled sports stars.

Based on Murray’s illustrious NBA career, I’m shocked to see Chuck Nevitt, Jack Haley and Brian Scalabrine not on the same list.

I regret to report that I won’t be able to attend, as I’m already booked for the Larry Spriggs Go-Kart & Goofy Golf celebrity invitation at the Long Beach Malibu Grand Prix.

Finally, a note about my beloved hometown Kansas City Royals, as the KC STAR reports the team, “will close off nearly 6,000 seats from about third base to the left field foul pole after the Aug. 10 game to work on concourses behind those areas.

So does that mean that this season there will be 6,000 empty seats every night at The K after Aug. 10 - as opposed to the past 20 years, when it was after Opening Day? Now that’s what I call an attendance gain, thank you Luke Hochevar!

New photo of Tash in Maui:

SbB Girl Natasha In Maui

I miss Mama’s Fish House!