Brog: Dunleavy Goes Ballistic, Brands Falk a Liar

Los Angeles Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy went on a rampage today on KSPN-AM in L.A., calling David Falk a liar in the way the agent has represented the negotiations between Elton Brand and his team.

Brand Falk Dunleavy

At dispute: Dunleavy claims Falk knew that Brand told the Clippers he would commit if they signed Baron Davis and offered him a contract worth $75M. Falk denies he knew of any dealings Brand had with Dunleavy personally until “the 11th hour” - after Brand’s new deal with Philly was done.

In an exasperated tone on 710am, Dunleavy said he knew otherwise, citing among other things, text messages he saw from Brand to Clippers players. The coach also intimated that Falk had “poisoned” Brand. Of course, a source close the situation told SbB all this was going to happen last Friday.

Coincidentally today, both Falk and Dunleavy were interviewed separately by Steve Mason and John Ireland on the ESPN radio outlet, and Falk first told the pair that he knew of no pre-emptive deal (verbal or otherwise) between Brand and the club that was predicated on a commitment from Davis (audio): “I never had a discussion with the Clippers about a different deal, I can’t say whether they had discussions with Elton. I never had one discussion with them about trying to package the thing up (with Davis and Brand).

I learned at the 11th hour that Elton had hoped that Baron could be the mystery player, he likes Baron Davis, and they (Clippers) need a point guard, but no … with me, if there had been a deal, Elton would be in L.A. right now.

The Dunleavy interview followed the Falk visit, and the Clippers coach emptied both barrels on Falk and Brand with some astonishingly candid comments.

Dunleavy made it infinitely clear that Brand came to him and said that if the team signed Davis and gave him a $75M deal, he would sign. The coach said he fulfilled both parts of Brand’s request, only to be spurned by the player.

As stated earlier, Falk maintains that he was never aware that any such agreement between Brand and the club ever existed. Dunleavy’s response to that? He said as much that Falk was L-Y-I-N-G (audio): “David Falk agreed to the deal. We have a contract that he marked up, changed the language, did whatever he wanted to do with it. He said, if Baron is in, we’re in … to (Clippers Team President) Andy Roeser.

And so, we went on his (Falk’s) word. I went on Elton’s word. Hell, he (Elton) text our players, I’ve seen messages, ‘hey dude we’re in … me, you and B.D.’

OK? I don’t know why they’re trying to spin this out of control. It’s a non-binding agreement. You gave your word, you don’t have to keep your word.

To really get a feel for just how pissed Dunleavy was, click here for the entire interview.

Elton Brand was later confronted this afternoon by Dan Le Batard of ESPN’s “PTI” about Dunleavy’s comments and said they were “absolutely untrue.”

I’m not sure if Falk wants to continue repping players in the NBA. If he does, based on this mess, you wonder what player would sign with him in the future?