Brog: Booze-Soaked Smokey Fans Witness Choke

I’m still in recovery mode from the UCLA-Tennessee game yesterday. Between the broiling temps before and during the game, the pregame and stadium-smuggled booze, and the four-hour game itself, I was positively toast late last night. As it should be.

SbB Girl Alex UCLA Game Dumb and Dumber Guys

(SbB Girl Alex with Tennessee Defensive Coaching Staff)

The highlight of the game for me was actually having 50-yard line seats (21st row) for the first time in my life, something for which I can thank My Boy Barry:

SbB Girl Alex 50-yard Line UCLA Tennessee Game

(50-yard line seats? By now you prob know the reason why)

Those seats had me squarely inside a blue-veined artery of the UCLA alum section, so I’m happy to report that I wasn’t bothered by undo noise or impaired sight lines, at least until the Bruins’ late-game comeback.

Brooks at UCLA-Tennesse Game At The Rose Bowl

(Only thing more overexposed than this pic? The Vols’ secondary)

The thing that most struck me about the game was the lack of adjusts made by the UT defensive coaching staff in the second half. It was clear what Norm Chow’s strategy was with Kevin Craft after his diarrhea-inducing first half performance: throw nothing but quick, short passes.

In the final two quarters, I don’t think Kraft looked off his primary intended receiver once. So with that the case, why didn’t the Vols defensive backs and linebackers start to jump the routes? (Think the CHiPs on Labor Day weekend.)

As an alumnus of the Univ. of Georgia, I’d like to issue an enthusiastic salute to those Knoxvillians who saw fit to give Phil Fulmer a seven-year contract extension last July. Now I’ll know just who to call about getting those elusive Sunday, late-December Chik-Fil-A sandwiches.

My biggest disappointment at the Rose Bowl last night?

How could the Vols not bring the real Smokey? At least I didn’t see him at the game last night.

Smokey The Mascot

No wonder he can afford to hire a stand in!

Tennessee inflatable mascot

Jeff Lockridge of the NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN has this fun revenue fact about the Univ. of Tennessee Athletic Dept: “UT made $60,000 just from selling copies of its football media guide to fans last season. The combined ticket sales from the women’s soccer and volleyball teams brought in less than half that.”

Lockbridge runs down the revenue generated from the Vols football program, and the pressure on the team to continue to produce more and more cash.

The curious part about the piece though is that Lockbridge never really scares out the base reason for the insatiable need for cash: The football program pays for nonsensical, non-revenue sports in the school’s athletic department wrought the Title IX. Sports that only a small, chosen few benefit from.

Much like the rest of our reality-impaired U.S. university system, the whole thing is absolutely insane.

Tuesday on NBC’s “Today,” Michael Phelps was presented with a $1M check from Speedo for his Olympic performance. The transaction was predicated on Phelps winning seven Gold Medals in Beijing.

Michael Phelps Speedo Check

During the ad spot presentation, just knew there had to be some sort of charity tied in somehow. And after receiving the 7-fig deposit, Phelps said he’s starting a foundation as a “way for me to really help grow the sport. I’m going to be traveling to eight cities across the U.S. to get kids involved” in swimming.

If NBC wasn’t the rights holder for the Beijing Games, and Phelps hadn’t planned to donate some of the money to charity, think the pseudo-commercial for Speedo would’ve aired?

Did you realize that the iconic #43 car on the NASCAR circuit is now without a sponsor?

Like so many of his Starbucks stores, former Sonics Owner Howard Schultz has shuttered his lawsuit against Oklahoma-bound Clay Bennett.

SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL reports today that the Cleveland Indians are dropping the Buffalo Bisons as their AAA minor league affiliate in order to strike up an affiliation deal with the Columbus Clippers.

I broadcasted Clips games for four years back in the ’90s (Jeter, Posada, Rivera days!), and am happy to report the club is finally getting the classy, downtown stadium it deserves next Spring. After watching cities like Indy, Louisville and even Toledo get fancy baseball digs, it was about damn time.

When I go back to Columbus now, ten years later, I don’t even recognize the place. Downtown, like most Midwestern cities, used to be a ghost town, even with Ohio State on the northern fringe. Now Columbus has one of the hottest core entertainment and shopping districts in the country. reports the Milwaukee Brewers are creating a new seating section at Miller Park called the “Harley-Davidson Deck.” The 42-seat elevated seating area will “feature Harley-Davidson motorcycles built into the décor.” Members of something called the “Harley Owners Group” will receive discounted tickets to the deck for all games.

Miller Park marketing move or an excuse to keep bikers cordoned off from the crowd?

Nice to see ESPN poking fun at itself. I don’t really know who Rob Stone is, but now I’m a fan.

Why in god’s name did Mississippi State play at Louisiana Tech last Saturday?

New photo of SbB Girl Allie at the graffitti walls on Venice Beach, CA:

SbB Girl Allie on Venice Beach California