BROADCASTING & CABLE reports the Bravo Ne…

BROADCASTING & CABLE reports the Bravo Network is a planning a six-episode show called "Boy Meets Boy."

The show features a gay man "who will choose between 15 suitors with the help of his best girlfriend. The twist: Some of the potential mates are actually straight."

Worst. Idea. Ever.

As summer sets its sights on SoCal, another edition of fired off in Santa Monica, CA.:

Brooks and SbB Girls Karen, Dana, Kalia, Angela, Nicole and Karen entertained another capacity crowd of SbBers, as we experienced America’s only live interactive trivia gameshow: .

Longtime SbBer and first time SbB Gig attendee Rod shocked an experienced field of SbB Trivia experts as he made quick work in claiming his first SbB Championship. With the win, Rod was awarded a football signed by five USC Heisman Tropy winners.

Special thanks to USFL Fan, Brratt, SbB girl Annie, SbB girl Denise and the entire staff at Gotham Hall.

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